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Jeremy Corbyn
sikhs provide a hot meal to anyone who comes through their door people of all faiths and none the homeless and
Sikhs provide a hot meal to anyone who comes through their door. People of all faiths and none, the homeless and the hungry. Langar kitchens are a display of compassion and unity that we can all learn from. Delighted to help out at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Southall today.
North West Tonight
remember the friends beer theft story police have now arrested the david schwimmer lookalike in southall londo
Remember the "Friends" beer theft story?. Police have now arrested the David Schwimmer lookalike in Southall, London. He's being questioned on suspicion of theft from a shop in Blackpool. The American actor tweeted his own image of the incident and told police "It wasn't me!".
Biagio Angrisani
good morning tweeps ariadne in naxos 1925 by joseph edward southall private collection
Good Morning, Tweeps


Ariadne in Naxos (1925)

by Joseph Edward Southall

Private collection

Jeremy Corbyn
lovely warm welcome amp a really special afternoon amongst friends at the gurdwara sri guru singh sabha in sou
Lovely warm welcome & a really special afternoon amongst friends at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall with .
Metropolitan Police
appeal following brutal robbery of partially blind 85 year old woman in southall
Appeal following brutal robbery of partially blind 85-year-old woman in #Southall
Neville Southall
hello thank you so much neville southall for letting us use this account to talk about our message this is twe
Hello! Thank you so much Neville Southall for letting us use this account to talk about our message. This is tweeting for , the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland, a sex worker-led organisation, who advocates and supports all sex workers on the island of Ireland.
Rian Dawson
just showing southall the ropes of working with atl london united kingdom
Just showing Southall the ropes of working with ATL. @ London, United Kingdom
Neville Southall
hello twitter world from a different perspective this is rather surreal the wonderful neville southall who pas
Hello Twitter world! From a different perspective!
This is rather surreal. The wonderful Neville Southall, who passionately auppprts our NHS has given over his twitter handle to me for 2 hours to talk #NHS !
I’m Dr Lauren Gavaghan - a doctor in the NHS. 🌈
UK Prime Minister
this morning the pm met a group of students at featherstone high school in southall to talk about their hopes
This morning the PM met a group of students at Featherstone High School in Southall to talk about their hopes and plans once they leave school.

Today the PM is setting out her vision for post-18 education during visits to several educational institutions across the country.
Al Jazeera English
in 1976 new zealand teacher blair peach died during an anti fascist demo in london s southall the murder along
#OnThisDay in 1976, New Zealand teacher Blair Peach died during an anti-fascist demo in London's Southall.

The murder along with the killing of school boy Gurdip Singh Chaggar, inspired an anti-racist struggle by British Asians.
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