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lisa o'carroll
labour mps who voted for 2nd ref included meg hillier david lammy ann clwyd neil coyle stella creasy paul farr
BBC Newsnight
eight days until we leave the eu and no cross party plan in sight could theresa may go to brussels next week w
Eight days until we leave the EU, and no cross-party plan in sight. Could Theresa May go to Brussels next week with nothing new to offer?

We’ll hear from Labour MPs Siobhain McDonagh & Mike Amesbury and Conservative Lords Lilley and Willetts

22:30 | #newsnight
Michael Crick
siobhain mcdonagh who with caroline flint complained about fisher s tweets tells me she s glad labour rules se
Siobhain McDonagh, who, with Caroline Flint, complained about Fisher's tweets, tells me she's "glad" Labour rules seem to be being applied
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