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Frank Thorp V
sen corybookers reaction to betoorourke speaking in spanish in his first answer at the demdebate
Sen @CoryBooker’s reaction to @BetoORourke speaking in Spanish in his first answer at the #demdebate: 👀
sen corybookers first question is about the economy demdebate
Sen. @CoryBooker’s first question is about the economy. #DemDebate
Carla Marinucci
us senate candidate today endorsed sencorybookers marijuana justice act saying continuing a fruitless war on d
👉U.S. Senate candidate today endorsed Sen@CoryBooker’s Marijuana Justice Act, saying: "Continuing a fruitless war on drugs like cannabis is a threat to our public safety, hurts thriving businesses, & fans the flames of racial disparity in our criminal justice system."
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