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@Sporf 1 year
pep guardiolas last 7 days wednesday liverpool 3 0 man city biggest defeat of season saturday man city 2 3 ma
⬇️ Pep Guardiola’s Last 7 Days:

📅 Wednesday:
Liverpool 3-0 Man City
⚽️ Biggest Defeat Of Season

📅 Saturday:
✅ Man City 2-3 Man Utd
Fail To Win PL Title vs Rivals

📅 Tuesday:
✅ Man City 1-2 Liverpool
👋 Knocked Out Champions League

😳 What. A. Week.
Kyle Smith
media on saturday gosh we totally blew it on the buzzfeed thing we failed to corroborate let s lift our spirit
Media on Saturday: Gosh, we totally blew it on the BuzzFeed thing we failed to corroborate. Let's lift our spirits by turning everyone's attention to the Covington thing, which we will also fail to corroborate!
B/R Football
monday lorenzo insigne on the bench as italy fail to qualify for the world cup saturday scores 33 minutes into
Monday: Lorenzo Insigne on the bench as Italy fail to qualify for the World Cup

Saturday: Scores 33 minutes into Napoli’s win over Milan

Bob Pockrass
kentucky nbcsn cup practice 11 35 12 25 amp 1 35 2 25 xfinity qual 4 15 cup qualifying 6 05 xfinity race stage
Kentucky (NBCSN): Cup practice 11:35-12:25 & 1:35-2:25, Xfinity qual 4:15, Cup qualifying 6:05, Xfinity race (stages 45-45-110) green 7:40 .. Saturday: Cup race (stages 80-80-107) green 7:46. (Cup impound race, tech 1:30 Sat, if fail once, time disallowed, official start at rear)
Star Wars
fact mt staycoolgeek coachella is really missing out by not having the max rebo band headline saturday fail
Fact. MT @StayCoolGeek: #Coachella is really missing out by not having The Max Rebo band headline Saturday. #fail
N. J. Burkett
exclusive the derailment didnt tell you about train enroute to penn station from hudson yards derails saturday
EXCLUSIVE: The derailment didn’t tell you about. tra#LIRRin enroute to Penn Station from Hudson yards derails Saturday evening. No riders on board; minor injuries to one crewmember. Impact on Monday service not clear. Why did fail to disclose it?
@smosh 10 months
new show alert watch us try and mostly fail at jobs we re not qualified for first episode of day jobs out this
NEW SHOW ALERT 📣📣📣 Watch us try (and mostly fail) at jobs we're not qualified for. First episode of DAY JOBS out this Saturday on Smosh Pit!!!
@NHL 4 years
saturday night hockey you never fail to wow us
Saturday night hockey, you never fail to wow us.
Jennifer Rubin
when trump pardons cohorts refuses to sit down with mueller or conducts his own saturday night massacre those
when Trump pardons cohorts, refuses to sit down with Mueller, or conducts his own Saturday Night Massacre those who fail to defend the rule of law and our democracy at these critical junctures will have no business later mounting a primary challenge
Daily Kos
saturday open thread for night owls gutless gopers fail to appear at town halls on gun law reform
Saturday open thread for night owls: Gutless GOPers fail to appear at town halls on gun law reform
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