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Joy Reid
sam nunberg was just straight up asked live on tv if he is drunk or on drugs his answer included saying he is
Sam Nunberg was just straight up asked live on TV if he is drunk or on drugs. ... His answer included saying he is on anti-depressants, followed by: “well I didn’t steal from the campaign... I didn’t have an illicit affair...”
Kyle Cheney
things sam nunberg said on tv carter page colluded with russia trump knew about the trump tower meeting in adv
Things Sam Nunberg said on TV:

-Carter Page colluded with Russia

-Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting in advance

-Mueller may have something on Trump.

-Trump bodyguard told him Emin Agalarov offered to send women to Trump's Moscow hotel room in 2013
Ari Melber
i have never been involved in an interview like this on or off air entire interview with sam nunberg from toni
I have never been involved in an interview like this, on or off air.

Entire interview with Sam Nunberg from tonight:
Jim Sciutto
collusion is a word wants to disappear but today on live tv fmr trump campaign aide sam nunberg claimed 1 trum
"Collusion" is a word wants to disappear but today, on live TV, fmr. Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg claimed:
1- Trump "may very well" have done "something" with Russia during election
2- Carter Page colluded with Russians
3- Mueller believes Roger Stone colluded
Philip Rucker
since sam nunberg trump says no chaos north korea talks kellyanne violates hatch act trump admits russian inte
Since Sam Nunberg:
-Trump says no CHAOS
-North Korea talks
-Kellyanne violates Hatch Act
-Trump admits Russian interference
-Trump likes watching aides fight
-Trump promises "very loving" tariffs
-Gary Cohn resigns
-UAE adviser cooperates with Mueller
-Stormy Daniels sues Trump
Jennifer Bendery
sam nunberg s lawyers watching cnn right now
Sam Nunberg's lawyers watching CNN right now.
Katy Tur
full interview former trump aide sam nunberg refusing to comply with mueller subpoena
FULL INTERVIEW: Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg refusing to comply with Mueller subpoena
@MSNBC 1 year
i think that he may have done something during the election former trump aide sam nunberg says of president tr
"I think that he may have done something during the election," former Trump aide Sam Nunberg says of President Trump, but adds, "I don't know that for sure."
Rex Huppke
1 ok so this sam nunberg stuff today is high comedy and it shows again how deep into the cavern of idiocy our
1/ OK, so this Sam Nunberg stuff today is high comedy, and it shows, again, how deep into the Cavern of Idiocy our current president had to dig to find like-minded trolls who would work with him. Honestly, these are the most astonishingly dumb people I've ever witnessed.
The Daily Show
mueller s team watching sam nunberg
Mueller's team watching Sam Nunberg
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