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@Variety 9 months
ruby rose has been announced as batwoman for the cw
Ruby Rose has been announced as Batwoman for The CW
Hollywood Reporter
with the series order becomes tv s first live action scripted series with a lesbian superhero played by an out
With the series order, #Batwoman becomes TV's first live-action scripted series with a lesbian superhero — played by an out actress (Ruby Rose) — at its center
this is what ruby rose thinks about the entire internet going gay for her
This is what Ruby Rose thinks about the entire Internet "going gay" for her
Lesley Goldberg
its official the cw is moving forward with a pilot starring ruby rose and s david nutter will direct what coul
It’s official: The CW is moving forward with a #Batwoman pilot starring Ruby Rose. #GameOfThrones #Arrow and #TheFlash’s David Nutter will direct what could be TV’s first superhero show led by a lesbian character
Nina Dobrev
rubyrose you are a legend happy national ruby rose day
@RubyRose You are a LEGEND. Happy National Ruby Rose Day!
Baby Animals
ruby rose is bae
Ruby Rose is bae
E! News
@enews 3 years
raise your hand if you re obsessed with ruby rose
Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Ruby Rose!
WWE 2K17
@WWEgames 4 months
the confirmed entrants in this year s women s match are listed below who else would you like to see join in na
The confirmed entrants in this year's Women's #RoyalRumble Match are listed below. Who else would you like to see join in?

•Sasha Banks
•Ember Moon
•Ruby Riott
•Sarah Logan
•Liv Morgan
•Mandy Rose
•Sonya Deville
rwbyjapan recp volume 1 episode 1 ruby rose recap
.@RWBY_JAPAN RECP: Volume 1 Episode 1, Ruby Rose (RECAP)
Hollywood Reporter
ruby rose s costume was designed by award winning designer colleen atwood who was also behind the spandex crea
Ruby Rose's #Batwoman costume was designed by award-winning designer Colleen Atwood, who was also behind the spandex creations for #Arrow, #TheFlash and #Supergirl
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