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Results for Rory Stewart


Emma Kennedy
i get it now johnson hasnt turned up because hes terrified of debating rory stewart hes banking on him being k
I get it now. Johnson hasn’t turned up because he’s terrified of debating Rory Stewart. He’s banking on him being knocked out before Tuesday’s BBC debate. What a coward he is.
Owen Jones
all the people who think jeremy corbyn is a disgrace over brexit despite whipping his mps twice to back a seco
All the people who think Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace over Brexit despite whipping his MPs twice to back a second referendum and wanting a soft Brexit are swooning over Rory Stewart, who opposes a second referendum, wants a harder Brexit, and voted not to stop No Deal.

Green Party
factcheck for rory stewart on net zero carbon our 2050 target is the most ambitious by any industrialised coun
#BBCOurNextPM Factcheck for Rory Stewart on net-zero carbon.
"Our 2050 target is the most ambitious by any industrialised country"

Er, no.
e.g. Norway 2030. Finland 2035.

Duncan Robinson
rory stewart is only one who seems normal which is strange as he is objectively an utter weirdo
Rory Stewart is only one who seems normal, which is strange as he is objectively an utter weirdo.
BBC Politics
tory leadership first round result boris johnson 114 jeremy hunt 43 michael gove 37 dominic raab 27 sajid javi
Tory leadership first round result:

Boris Johnson 114
Jeremy Hunt 43
Michael Gove 37
Dominic Raab 27
Sajid Javid 23
Matt Hancock 20
Rory Stewart 19


Mark Harper
Andrea Leadsom
Esther McVey

Olly Barratt
people on twitter who would never vote conservative are furious with the conservatives for not choosing rory s
People on Twitter who would never vote Conservative are FURIOUS with the Conservatives for not choosing Rory Stewart to lead their party
BBC Politics
tory leadership second round result boris johnson 126 jeremy hunt 46 michael gove 41 rory stewart 37 sajid jav
Tory leadership second round result:

Boris Johnson 126
Jeremy Hunt 46
Michael Gove 41
Rory Stewart 37
Sajid Javid 33


Dominic Raab

BBC Politics
the result of the third round of the tory leadership contest with second round votes in brackets boris johnson
The result of the third round of the Tory leadership contest, with second round votes in brackets:

Boris Johnson 143 (126)
Jeremy Hunt 54 (46)
Michael Gove 51 (41)
Sajid Javid 38 (33)


Rory Stewart

Channel 4
rory stewart likens the competition of machismo around a no deal brexit to trying to stuff too much rubbish in
Rory Stewart likens the "competition of machismo" around a no-deal Brexit to trying to stuff too much rubbish in your bin.

But Dominic Raab says: "You cannot get the EU to budge unless you're willing to walk away." #C4Debate
James O'Brien
for good or ill rory stewart would absolutely annihilate jeremy corbyn in a general election
For good or ill, Rory Stewart would absolutely annihilate Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.
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