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Dinesh D'Souza
solitary confinement for manafort on rikers island this is the democratic police state at work nothing manafor
Solitary confinement for Manafort? On Riker’s Island? This is the Democratic police state at work. Nothing Manafort did warrants this kind of torture. It’s enough to make a normal person go insane. I suspect this is what the torturers want!
Colin Kaepernick
i teamed up with kevin livingston from 100 suits for 100 men previously i donated suits for formerly incarcera
I teamed up with Kevin Livingston from 100 Suits for 100 Men. Previously I donated suits for formerly incarcerated men in the job search process. I donated $33,000 to his organization&part of that was recently used to provide a special meal to those incarcerated at Rikers Island
Mayor Bill de Blasio
new york city will close the rikers island jail facility it will take many years it will take many tough decis
New York City will close the Rikers Island jail facility. It will take many years. It will take many tough decisions. But it will happen.
The Washington Post
opinion paul manaforts transfer from rikers island shows how corrupt the doj really is
Opinion: Paul Manafort’s transfer from Rikers Island shows how corrupt the DOJ really is
The Hill
trump admin intervenes to stop manafort from being sent to rikers island in highly unusual move report
#BREAKING : Trump admin intervenes to stop Manafort from being sent to Rikers Island in highly unusual move: report
NYC Mayor's Office
nycmayor bill de blasio just announced the city will close rikers island
@NYCMayor Bill de Blasio just announced the city will close Rikers Island.
Mayor Bill de Blasio
beginning today no one under 18 will go to rikers island kids will be treated like kids instead of adults this
Beginning today, no one under 18 will go to Rikers Island. Kids will be treated like kids instead of adults. This is an historic moment for criminal justice reform and another step toward replacing Rikers Island with smaller, safer, more humane facilities.
Jamil Smith
rikers island should be closed forever but seeing abuse its power to give paul manafort special treatment shou
Rikers Island should be closed forever, but seeing @TheJusticeDept abuse its power to give Paul Manafort special treatment should anger everyone. This is someone who betrayed the country for his own profit and the President’s, and the government does this.
layleen cubilette polanco a transgender woman was found dead in her cell at rikers island now hundreds are pro
Layleen Cubilette-Polanco, a transgender woman, was found dead in her cell at Rikers Island — now hundreds are protesting and her family is demanding answers
on this day two years ago committed suicide after being in rikers island for three years over a crime he never
On this day two years ago, #KaliefBrowder committed suicide after being in Riker’s Island for three years over a crime he never committed.
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