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CNN Breaking News
rep justin amash becomes the first republican in congress to call for trump s impeachment and accuses ag barr
Rep. Justin Amash becomes the first Republican in Congress to call for Trump's impeachment and accuses AG Barr of intentionally misleading the public
The New York Times
representative justin amash a republican of michigan became the first member of his party serving in congress
Representative Justin Amash, a Republican of Michigan, became the first member of his party serving in Congress to publicly suggest that the president’s conduct had reached the “threshold of impeachment”
Lisa Desjardins
republican justin amash joined democrats in voting to hold sec ross and ag barr in contempt
Republican Justin Amash joined Democrats in voting to hold Sec. Ross and AG Barr in contempt.
The New York Times
president trump attacked representative justin amash as a total lightweight and loser on sunday a day after th
President Trump attacked Representative Justin Amash as a “total lightweight” and “loser” on Sunday, a day after the Michigan Republican said Mr. Trump’s behavior as president had reached the “threshold for impeachment"
Manu Raju
@mkraju 4 weeks
justin amash the lone republican who has said president trump has engaged in impeachable conduct told me that
Justin Amash, the lone Republican who has said President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, told me that Trump calling on Dems to drop probes and not legislate is irresponsible.
“I think that’s irresponsible, but what do you expect?”
CNN Breaking News
republican justin amash tells crowd congress must hold trump accountable things that violate the public trust
Republican Justin Amash tells crowd Congress must hold Trump accountable: 'Things that violate the public trust are impeachable'
Mehdi Hasan
it is an age old lesson if you give the bully a pass he doesnt back off or calm down he comes back to bully so
“It is an age-old lesson: if you give the bully a pass, he doesn’t back off or calm down. He comes back to bully some more.”

Me on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ refusal to impeach Trump - even after Republican Justin Amash’s intervention:
Washington Post Opin
justin amash stands alone in resisting republican partisanship maxboot writes
Justin Amash stands alone in resisting Republican partisanship, @MaxBoot writes
Meet the Press
watch republican congressman justin amash explains why he believes president trump engaged in impeachable cond
WATCH: Republican Congressman Justin Amash explains why he believes President Trump engaged in ‘impeachable conduct’ #MTPDaily

@justinamash: Robert Mueller “really left it to Congress to come to a determination on these issues.”
The Washington Post
opinion justin amash stands alone in resisting republican partisanship
Opinion: Justin Amash stands alone in resisting Republican partisanship
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