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jay parks weight loss regiment 1 start exercising again 2 stop eating chicken and waffles everyday
Jay Parks weight loss regiment
1. Start exercising again
2. Stop eating chicken and waffles everyday
U.S. Marines
navajo code talker alfred k newman passed away at 94 years old this past sunday newman served with 1st battali
Navajo Code Talker Alfred K. Newman passed away at 94 years old this past Sunday. Newman served with 1st Battalion, 21st Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division during WWII, including Iwo Jima, Guam, and other island campaigns.

Semper Fi, Marine.
U.S. Dept of Defense
2 of 4 but america s regiment endured they found low ground and held fast through the wind and the rain some h
2 of 4: But America's Regiment endured. They found low ground and held fast through the wind and the rain. Some had to be to ordered to stand down from planting flags, still determined to continue to #HonorTheFallen .
@ANI 1 month
major general ak dhingra appointed as the first chief of the armed forces special operations division the tri
Major General AK Dhingra appointed as the first Chief of the Armed Forces Special Operations Division. The tri-services formation will have Special Forces commandos from Army’s Parachute Regiment, Navy’s MARCOS and Air Force’s Garud Commando Force.
The Royal Family
the band of the royal regiment of scotland celebrated the arrival of the duke and duchess of sussexs baby in w
The Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland celebrated the arrival of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby in Windsor by playing the musical classic “Congratulations” during the ceremony of Changing the Guard at Windsor Castle this morning.
Dan Lamothe
army spc etienne murphy died friday in a vehicle rollover in syria he was 22 and a member of the elite 75th ra
Army Spc. Etienne Murphy died Friday in a vehicle rollover in Syria. He was 22, and a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. RIP.
U.S. Marines
hot brass marines with combat logistics regiment 1 and engineer support battalion 7 engage targets with the m2
Hot Brass

Marines with Combat Logistics Regiment 1 and Engineer Support Battalion 7 engage targets with the M240B machine gun at @MCIWPendletonCA.
U.S. Marines
party with arty marines with november battery 5th battalion 14th marine regiment 4th marine division operate a
Party With Arty

Marines with November Battery, 5th Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division operate an M777 Howitzer during Integrated Training Exercise 4-19 at the @CombatCenterPAO.
U.S. Army
@USArmy 11 months
rest in peace soldier chris was a national treasure who led his rangers with passion competence and an infecti
Rest in peace Soldier

"Chris was a national treasure who led his Rangers with passion, competence, and an infectiously positive attitude no matter the situation. He will be greatly missed."

- Col. Brandon Tegtmeier, Commander, 75th Ranger Regiment

U.S. Marines
karate kick marines with 2nd law enforcement battalion train marines with the battalion landing team 2nd batta
Karate Kick

Marines with 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion, @26MEU, train Marines with the Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment on non-lethal training during Realistic Urban Training on @camp_lejeune.
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