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bosnia and herzegovina presidency member ivanic at the presidential complex
milorad dodik the current rs president who is under us sanctions has been elected as the serb member of the bi
Milorad Dodik, the current RS president who is under US sanctions, has been elected as the Serb member of the BiH presidency, defeating the incumbent Mladen Ivanic.
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thrilled by mladen ivanic in the lead for the position of serb member of bosnia presidency but still there is
Thrilled by Mladen Ivanić in the lead for the position of Serb member of Bosnia presidency. But still there is no final result.
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bosnia and herzegovina serb democratic party sds is a right wing serb party the party is supporting the candid
Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Serb Democratic Party (SDS) is a right-wing Serb party. The party is supporting the candidate of Party of Democratic Process (PDP), Mladen Ivanić for the Serb member of the tripartite presidency.
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meeting with newly reelected bosniak member of bih presidency bizetbegovicwith covicivanic 100 epp presidency
Meeting with newly reelected Bosniak member of #BiH country flag presidency @ B_Izetbegovic.With Čovic+Ivanic 100% @EPP presidency
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