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1968 and 2015 pierre elliott trudeau in 1968 and justin trudeau in 2015 elxn42 lpc l
1968 and 2015:
Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1968 and Justin Trudeau in 2015.
#elxn42 #lpc #l
CTV News
@CTVNews 2 years
chuck strahl quits board of pierre elliott trudeau foundation
CBC News
@CBCNews 3 years
father and son justin and pierre elliott trudeau
Father and son: Justin and Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Foreign Policy CAN
very happy to welcomerefugees from syria at montreal s pierre elliott trudeau airport as they begin new lives
Very happy to #WelcomeRefugees from Syria at Montreal's Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport as they begin new lives in Canada - Minister Dion
breaking evacuation in progress at montreal pierre elliott trudeau airport yul due to fire
BREAKING Evacuation in progress at Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL) due to fire
Jay Onrait
happy birthday to tsnotoole here looking like a young pierre elliott trudeau
Happy Birthday to @tsnotoole here looking like a young Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
Lou Dobbs
quoteoftheday from pierre elliott trudeau loudobbstonight
Maclean's Magazine
in the 15 years and five months that pierre elliott trudeau served as prime minister he conjured up every emot
In the 15 years and five months that Pierre Elliott Trudeau served as prime minister, he conjured up every emotion in the Canadian people except indifference. The retained images of his years in office are a highlight reel of the Canadian psyche. (From ...
it s 1970 and i m dating miss canada one day she says she started dating this other guy before i entered the p
It's 1970 and I'm dating Miss Canada. One day she says she started dating this other guy before I entered the picture. “Nothing’s settled … I wanted to be honest with you.” My rival? The prime minister of Canada, fabled lady-killer Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
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