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The Onion
pete buttigieg stuns campaign crowd by speaking to manufacturing robots in fluent binary
Philip Rucker
ive gotta tell ya and you can feel it this is a hot ticket more people have shown up for this town hall than a
“I’ve gotta tell ya, and you can feel it, this is a hot ticket. More people have shown up for this town hall than any of our previous ones,” Chris Wallace says at start of Pete Buttigieg town hall, shortly after President Trump rebuked Fox News for airing it.
Jonathan Lemire
the televised conversation between rachel maddow one of the nations top cable hosts and pete buttigieg a top t
The televised conversation between Rachel Maddow - one of the nation’s top cable hosts - and Pete Buttigieg - a top tier presidential candidate - about their experiences coming out as gay would have been unimaginable just a few years ago
Byron York
in june 2015 indiana then gov mike pence was asked about pete buttigieg coming out pence response i hold mayor
In June 2015, Indiana then-Gov Mike Pence was asked about Pete Buttigieg coming out. Pence response: 'I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard. We have a great working relationship, and I see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot.'
@ajplus 2 days
sen kirsten gillibrand and mayor pete buttigieg showed up to support stopthebans abortion rights protests in d
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mayor Pete Buttigieg showed up to support #StopTheBans abortion rights protests in DC:
The Daily Beast
trump tried to rattle pete buttigieg with a nickname buttigieg s response it s kind of funny i guess but hes a
Trump tried to rattle Pete Buttigieg with a nickname. Buttigieg's response: “It's kind of funny, I guess. But he’s also the president of the United States and I’m surprised he’s not spending more time trying to salvage this China deal"
@MSNBC 1 month
i don t know how you can become the party of healthcare when you are now making it abundantly clear that your
"I don't know how you can become the 'party of healthcare' when you are now making it abundantly clear that your position on healthcare is to take it away from millions of Americans."

Pete Buttigieg, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Dan Merica
pete buttigieg citing his own military service defended kneeling for the national anthem on thursday i felt th
Pete Buttigieg - citing his own military service - defended kneeling for the national anthem on Thursday. "I felt that I was watching Americans exercise a right that I had put my life on the line to defend," he said of the protests.

Our story:
@CNN 4 days
democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg used a fox news town hall to slam tucker carlson and laura in
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg used a Fox News town hall to slam Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, two of the network's primetime opinion hosts
@GOP 3 days
pete buttigieg has been more focused on running for president than serving as mayor of south bend for well ove
Pete Buttigieg has been more focused on running for President than serving as Mayor of South Bend for well over a year now— it’s finally catching up to him.
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