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official paco herrera joins blues coaching staff the experienced spaniard will assist pep clotet full details
OFFICIAL: Paco Herrera joins Blues coaching staff

The experienced Spaniard will assist Pep Clotet

Full details 👉

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we re also talking about what does new manager pep clotet need to do at st andrew s get in touch using and let
We're also talking about @BCFC - what does new manager Pep Clotet need to do at St. Andrew's?

Get in touch using #TransferTalk and let us know #BCFC fans!

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official birmingham city have confirmed they have sacked manager gary monk pep clotet has been appointed caret
OFFICIAL: Birmingham City have confirmed they have sacked manager Gary Monk.

Pep Clotet has been appointed caretaker Head Coach.
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breaking oufcofficial sack manager pep clotet ssn
BREAKING: @OUFCOfficial sack manager Pep Clotet. #SSN
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birmingham city have named pep clotet as their caretaker head coach the club also say they are not actively se
Birmingham City have named Pep Clotet as their caretaker head coach.

The club also say they are "not actively seeking" another manager "at this time".

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oxford united in the league games 2 wins 2 goals 5 conceded 0 top of the pile some start for pep clotet
💛 Oxford United in the league:

Games - 2
Wins - 2
⚽️ Goals - 5
🚫 Conceded - 0
😎 Top of the pile

👏 Some start for Pep Clotet.

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breaking oufcofficial confirm the appointment of pep clotet as their new manager ssnhq
BREAKING: @OUFCOfficial confirm the appointment of Pep Clotet as their new manager #SSNHQ
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pep clotet on swans lufc and how he became garry monk s trusted no 2 nicholaspwright
Pep Clotet on #Swans, #LUFC and how he became Garry Monk's trusted No 2 | @nicholaspwright
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as away performances go hats off to oufcofficial and pep clotet oufc
🚌 As away performances go...

🎩 Hats off to @OUFCOfficial and Pep Clotet. #OUFC
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