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Judicial Watch ?
discusses that obama biden clinton susan rice the dnc john brennan comey clapper kerry mccabe loretta lynch p
. discusses that “Obama, Biden, Clinton, Susan Rice, the DNC, John Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Kerry, McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok & more need to be investigated by the FBI & DOJ for crimes against .
Full video here:
Donald Trump Jr.
unemployment rate at lowest point since 1969 record low african american hispanic asian unemployment lowest u
-Unemployment rate at lowest point since 1969

-Record low African American/Hispanic/Asian unemployment

-Lowest unemployment rate for women since 1953

-Quickest wage growth for workers in 10 years

But Dems want to bring us back to the Obama-Biden years??? Not gonna happen!!!
Judicial Watch ?
jw president obama biden susan rice comey sally yates peter strzok mccabe kerry john brennan clapper ohr the d
JW President : “Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, Comey, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok, McCabe, Kerry, John Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, the DNC, and Fusion GPS need to be investigated for illicit anti-Trump targeting."
Maria Bartiromo
schweizer senate should call biden and son to testify on china what s amazing is everything the clinton obama
Schweizer: Senate Should Call Biden and Son to Testify on China what's amazing is everything the Clinton/obama/Biden machine said ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ was doing, they were infact doing!Collusion, obstruction, sweetheart deals
Joy Reid
what is biden basing this on surely not his own experiences during the clinton gore and obama biden administra
What is Biden basing this on? Surely not his own experiences during the Clinton-Gore and Obama-Biden administrations, both of which faced total, massive resistance (in Clinton’s case including impeachment for pure humiliation’s sake) from Republicans.
Rep. Jim Jordan
republicans conducted serious oversight on abuses of gov t power by the obama biden administration irs targeti
Republicans conducted serious oversight on abuses of gov't power by the Obama-Biden administration:

-IRS targeting conservatives
-Fast & Furious gun-running
-Solyndra and other green companies wasting taxpayer dollars
-Benghazi tragedy
-FBI/DOJ targeting Trump campaign (3/7)
Mark R. Levin
the obama biden scandals
The Obama-Biden scandals
The White House
joe biden just criticized president trumps 2020 budget for doing what the obama biden administration proposed
Joe Biden just criticized President Trump’s 2020 budget for doing what the Obama/Biden Administration proposed. 😱
Ari Fleischer
when it comes to making trump and russia an issue biden is the worst candidate the ds have the attacks by russ
When it comes to making Trump and Russia an issue, Biden is the worst candidate the Ds have. The attacks by Russia came on his watch. What did the Obama/Biden Admin do to deter Russia? Why didn’t they take Russian threats more seriously? What did they do to stop the attacks?
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