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Maajid - (Mājid) [ma
ex muslim saudi woman trying to flee persecution she was transiting to australia but says the saudis stopped h
Ex-Muslim Saudi woman trying to flee persecution, she was transiting to Australia. But says the Saudis stopped her at Bangkok airport & are trying to kidnap her & take her back. She fears death. This is happening live now on #SaveRahaf
@ajplus 9 months
we re gathered here today on stolen land australia s first muslim woman senator gave her inaugural speech and
“We're gathered here today on stolen land.” Australia's first Muslim woman senator gave her inaugural speech. And it was 🔥
The New York Times
an anti immigration senator in australia who blamed muslim immigration for the new zealand massacre struck a t
An anti-immigration senator in Australia who blamed Muslim immigration for the New Zealand massacre struck a teenager who smashed an egg on his head in Melbourne on Saturday
Craig Foster
australias waking up today to recognition weve allowed muslim australia our own brothers amp sisters to be dem
Australia’s waking up today to recognition we’ve allowed Muslim Australia, our own brothers & sisters to be demonised, marginalised. Has to stop. My thanks to all demanding a new national conversation re Muslim Australia, refugees, multiculturalism, racism. God knows, we need it.
@ajplus 9 months
australia s newest senator introduced herself as a brown muslim migrant feminist woman
Australia's newest senator introduced herself as: "A brown, Muslim, migrant, feminist woman."
Varney & Co.
pres obama makes a secret deal with australia they take 2500 christian refugees and america takes thousands of
Pres Obama makes a secret deal with Australia. They take 2500 Christian refugees, and America takes thousands of Muslim illegals immigrants.
Pamela Geller
axe wielding muslim convert brothers ram police car in australia links to terror groups and had been on a watc
Axe-Wielding Muslim Convert Brothers Ram Police Car in Australia: "Links to terror groups" and had "been on a watchlist" for at least two years but it's not being treated as a terrorism-related attack. Nuts.
David Frum
so the plan is to extirpate isis without any muslim allies and to provoke conflict w china after alienating au
So the plan is to extirpate ISIS without any Muslim allies, and to provoke conflict w China after alienating Australia & other TPP partners
Subramanian Swamy
but where the non muslim majority is united and virat eg australia muslims practice al taqqiya which means sur
But where the non Muslim majority is united and virat e.g., Australia, Muslims practice Al Taqqiya which means surrender to majority.
@QandA 1 year
is it possible that australia could have a muslim majority mehdirhasan responds qanda
Is it possible that Australia could have a Muslim majority? @mehdirhasan responds #QandA
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