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Donald J. Trump
fantastic to have 400000 great men amp women of rolling thunder in dc showing their patriotism they love our c
Fantastic to have 400,000 GREAT MEN & WOMEN of Rolling Thunder in D.C. showing their patriotism. They love our Country, they love our Flag, they stand for our National Anthem! Thanks to Executive Director Artie Muller.
Kamala Harris
when asked if he would recuse himself from the muller investigation if career doj ethics officials advised him
When asked if he would recuse himself from the Muller investigation if career DOJ ethics officials advised him to, Barr refused to say he’d comply by that recommendation. I will vote against his nomination.
Sam Stein
20 days ago the house voted unanimously to release the muller report 2 days later trump said he told the house
20 days ago, the House voted unanimously to release the Muller report.

2 days later, Trump said he told the House GOP caucus to vote that way.

4 days later, Trump said the Mueller report should be made public

Today, House Republicans are fighting part of the reports' release
@Coral 1 week
cristiano ronaldo has scored more knockout stage goals than the next two players combined cristiano ronaldo 64
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more #UCL knockout stage goals than the next two players COMBINED:

️⚽️ Cristiano Ronaldo (64)
️⚽️ Lionel Messi (42)
️⚽️ Thomas Müller (21)
Charles V Payne
breaking news muller investigation close to completion i cannot be alone in cheering this news its dragged too
Breaking News
Muller Investigation Close to Completion
I cannot be alone in cheering this news. Its dragged too long and reminds me of
Humongous Fungus. Largest organism covers 2,385 acres of Malheur National Forest, Oregon estimated to be around 2,400 years – 8,650 years old.
@espn 4 years
retweet if youre rooting for muller and ger
Retweet if you’re rooting for Muller and #GER country flag .
Senator Jeff Merkley
the cloud of corruption hanging over and the trump organization is a serious matter 8 guilty pleas for michael
The cloud of corruption hanging over and the Trump organization is a serious matter.
8 guilty pleas for Michael Cohen.
8 guilty convictions for Paul Manafort.
THIS is why the Muller investigation must continue.
Judicial Watch ?
judicial watchs weekly update obama state dept conspiracy against trump judicial watch sues for obama deep sta
Judicial Watch’s Weekly Update: Obama State Dept Conspiracy against Trump, Judicial Watch Sues for Obama/Deep State Russia Hoax Docs, How Did CNN Know Muller Special Counsel Would Raid Roger Stone’s House, and more!
real couples fake bull holding on for dear life who you love directed by sophie muller starring johnmayer and
Real couples. Fake bull. Holding on for dear life! WHO YOU LOVE directed by Sophie Muller starring @JohnMayer and me:
FC Barcelona
with that goal leo equals gerd muller as the top scorer in europe s major league with one club well done leo
⚽️ With that goal, Leo #Messi equals Gerd Müller as the top scorer in Europe's major league with one club. Well done, Leo! 🔴🔵 #ForçaBarça
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