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Donald J. Trump
new evidence that the obama era team of the fbi doj amp cia were working together to spy on and take out presi
“New evidence that the Obama era team of the FBI, DOJ & CIA were working together to Spy on (and take out) President Trump, all the way back in 2015.” A transcript of Peter Strzok’s testimony is devastating. Hopefully the Mueller Report will be covering this. @OANN @foxandfriends
Adam Schiff
the house voted unanimously in favor of making muellers report amp findings public trump says it should come o
The House voted unanimously in favor of making Mueller’s report & findings public. Trump says it should "come out."

But DOJ officials are laying the groundwork to withhold evidence from the American people.

That would pose a great danger to our country.
Donald J. Trump
wow a suffolk usa today poll just out states 50 of americans agree that robert muellers investigation is a wit
Wow! A Suffolk/USA Today Poll, just out, states, “50% of Americans AGREE that Robert Mueller’s investigation is a Witch Hunt.” @MSNBC Very few think it is legit! We will soon find out?
Rep. Jim Jordan
ahmad and weissmann leaving the mueller team we sent a letter to ag william barr on march 1st outlining that b
Ahmad AND Weissmann leaving the Mueller team.

We sent a letter to AG William Barr on March 1st outlining that Bruce Ohr told them both in August 2016 that Chris Steele was “desperate to stop Trump.”

But the FBI didn’t tell the FISA Court this critical information.
Donald J. Trump
should never have been appointed and there should be no mueller report this was an illegal amp conflicted inve
....should never have been appointed and there should be no Mueller Report. This was an illegal & conflicted investigation in search of a crime. Russian Collusion was nothing more than an excuse by the Democrats for losing an Election that they thought they were going to win.....
Donald J. Trump
the lisa page fbi transcript also confirms earlier reporting that page testified russian collusion was still u
“The Lisa Page (FBI) transcript also confirms earlier reporting that Page testified Russian Collusion was still unproven when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.” Catherine Herridge, @FoxNews In other words they appointed someone when there was (and is) no crime. Bad!
Donald J. Trump
these guys the investigators ought to be in jail what they have done working with the obama intelligence agenc
“These guys, the investigators, ought to be in jail. What they have done, working with the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented. This is one of the greatest political hoaxes ever perpetrated on the people of this Country, and Mueller is a coverup.” Rush Limbaugh
Donald J. Trump
on the recent non binding vote 420 0 in congress about releasing the mueller report i told leadership to let a
On the recent non-binding vote (420-0) in Congress about releasing the Mueller Report, I told leadership to let all Republicans vote for transparency. Makes us all look good and doesn’t matter. Play along with the game!
Donald J. Trump
the mueller investigation is totally conflicted illegal and rigged should never have been allowed to begin exc
The Mueller investigation is totally conflicted, illegal and rigged! Should never have been allowed to begin, except for the Collusion and many crimes committed by the Democrats. Witch Hunt!
Chuck Schumer
you re going to want to make sure your friends see this senators booker coons and flake just asked for the sen
You're going to want to make sure your friends see this:

Senators Booker, Coons, and Flake just asked for the Senate's unanimous consent to pass a bill protecting the Mueller investigation from President Trump.

But they didn’t get it.

Because @SenateMajLdr McConnell objected.
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