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cloud strife
this is my i m kind of excited face thanks for tonight minneapolis it was amazing
this is my I'm kind of excited face.. thanks for tonight Minneapolis it was amazing!
NBC Bay Area
gabriele grunewald one of the country s top middle distance runners has died at her home in minneapolis after
Gabriele Grunewald, one of the country's top middle-distance runners, has died at her home in Minneapolis after inspiring many with her long and public fight against cancer. She was 32.
@LiamPayne 1 year
still buzzing after las show on friday with some incredible artists performing including this man looking forw
Still buzzing after LA’s show on Friday, with some incredible artists performing including this man 🙌🏼 looking forward to Minneapolis tomorrow! #iHeartJingleBall
Niall Horan
wasaaaap back in the states really feeling ready for the show minneapolis u ready
Wasaaaap! Back in the states! Really feeling ready for the show! Minneapolis u ready?
Niall Horan
another good day cheers minneapolis now it s time to go to vegas cyaaaaaaa
Another good day, cheers Minneapolis ! Now it's time to go to vegas 😜. Cyaaaaaaa !
Donald Trump Jr.
minneapolis police union warns dont vote for keith ellison
Minnesota Twins
fitting that it s raining in minneapolis today
Fitting that it's raining in Minneapolis today.
The Associated Press
breaking publicist pop music superstar prince has died at his home in suburban minneapolis
BREAKING: Publicist: Pop music superstar Prince has died at his home in suburban Minneapolis.
Barack Obama
and in the us 13 year old of new york 13 year old of denver and 16 year old of minneapolis are some of the you
And in the U.S., 13-year old of New York, 13-year old of Denver, and 16-year old of Minneapolis are some of the young people leading the fight at home. I hope more of us will follow their example.
Niall Horan
minneapolis literally can t describe how good that show was thank you soo much xxx
Minneapolis ! Literally can't describe how good that show was! Thank you soo much! Xxx
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