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Jonathan Lemire
washington ap us officials say pentagon will present plans to white house to send up to 10000 troops to mideas
WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials say Pentagon will present plans to White House to send up to 10,000 troops to Mideast amid Iran tension.
Joy Reid
wait you mean sending a 30 something real estate developer to solve mideast peace didn t work get outta here
Wait... you mean sending a 30-something real estate developer to solve mideast peace didn't work? Get outta here...
Joy Reid
the trump legacy so far freeing polluters to befoul the air and pollute ground water taking away millions of p
The Trump legacy so far:
- Freeing polluters to befoul the air and pollute ground water
- Taking away millions of people's healthcare (pending)
- Slashing taxes on the super rich and making you pay for it (pending)
- Withdrawing the U.S. from world leadership on climate & Mideast
Peter Baker
deal of the century veteran diplomat bill burns who worked for republicans and democrats says trump has given
Deal of the century? Veteran diplomat Bill Burns, who worked for Republicans and Democrats, says Trump has given away the store in Mideast: "In 3½ decades of government service, I never saw an American president concede so much, so soon, for so little."
Andrew Neil
what has neutral sweden done to deserve this never in mid east war non nato most welcoming of muslim refugees
What has neutral Sweden done to deserve this?
Never in Mid-East war
Most welcoming of Muslim refugees.
Massive foreign aid
David Beard
this is anthony shadid a journalist who died in syria after years explaining mideast to fellow americans
This is Anthony Shadid, , a journalist who died in Syria after years explaining Mideast to fellow Americans #NotTheEnemy
ian bremmer
safest countries for women based on of female pop that have been a victim of serious crimes in past year 1 aus
Safest countries for women, based on % of female pop. that have been a victim of serious crimes in past year

1 Australia
2 Malta
3 Iceland
4 New Zealand
5 Canada
6 Poland
7 Monaco
8 Israel (nowhere else in Mideast is close)
9 US
10 S Korea

(New World Wealth)
David Beard
gop congressional candidate in tight nc race says jews must convert to christianity for peace in mideast
GOP Congressional candidate in tight NC race says Jews must convert to Christianity for peace in Mideast
Maggie Haberman
missed this earlier kushner is planning a trip to the mideast that includes a stop in saudi arabia
Missed this earlier - Kushner is planning a trip to the Mideast that includes a stop in Saudi Arabia
Joy Reid
how ironic that trump who ran as the antidote to bush neocon republicanism is now presiding over bush neocon r
How ironic that Trump, who ran as the antidote to Bush/neocon Republicanism, is now presiding over Bush/neocon Republicanism on steroids, complete with John Bolton running the NSC and military action in the Mideast w/ Britain riding shotgun and no declaration of war...
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