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Bernie Sanders
while disneys ceo makes up to 423 million 1 in 10 disneyland workers have been homeless in the past 2 years mo
While Disney’s CEO makes up to $423 million:

- 1 in 10 Disneyland workers have been homeless in the past 2 years
- More than 2 in 3 are food insecure
- 3 in 4 don’t make enough money to afford basic needs

This isn’t what Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are supposed to be about.
ABC Network
watch out world mickey mouse has joined for mickey s 90th spectacular get ready to see all of his skills on su
Watch out world! Mickey Mouse has joined #NCT127 for Mickey's 90th Spectacular! Get ready to see all of his skills on Sunday at 8|7c on ABC! #Mickey90
Kylian Mbappé
mickey mouse amp world champions disneylandparis
Mickey Mouse & World Champions 🤟🏽 @disneylandparis
@Disney 6 years
happy birthday mickey mouse
@Disney 7 months
phew i cant believe i kept up with without messing up those guys are amazing dancers okay gotta catch my breat
Phew! 😅 I can’t believe I kept up with without messing up! Those guys are amazing dancers! 👏 Okay, gotta catch my breath. – Mickey Mouse #Mickey90
Bernie Sanders
i don t care when 45 calls him crazy bernie bernie went to disneyland and literally said that he did not think
"I don't care when 45 calls him 'Crazy Bernie'... Bernie went to Disneyland and literally said that he did not think that Mickey Mouse and Goofy approved of Disney not paying their workers a living wage. You gotta be a little crazy to do that." -
ABC Network
meet your new bias tonight mickey mouse brings the heat with on mickey s 90th spectacular
#NCTzen , meet your new bias tonight. Mickey Mouse brings the heat with#NCT127 on Mickey's 90th Spectacular! 💚#Mickey90
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cartoons by year of debut spongebob 1999 family guy 1999 south park 1997 dragon ball z 1996 x men 1992 rugrats
Cartoons by year of debut

SpongeBob: 1999
Family Guy: 1999
South Park: 1997
Dragon Ball Z: 1996
X-Men: 1992
Rugrats: 1991
Simpsons: 1989
Duck Tales: 1987
Pink Panther: 1969
The Jetsons: 1962
Flintstones: 1960
Tom and Jerry: 1940
Popeye: 1933
Looney Tunes: 1930
Mickey Mouse: 1928
Kenneth Roth
egypt gives student 3 years for this facebook post of sisi with mickey mouse ears so rt it
Egypt gives student 3 years for this Facebook post of Sisi with Mickey Mouse ears. So RT it.
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what song mickey mouse listening to rn
what song Mickey Mouse listening to rn 🤔
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