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Robert Costa
this buttigieg town hall is worth watching polished and thoughtful presentation with clear answers underscores
This Buttigieg town hall is worth watching. Polished and thoughtful presentation with clear answers. Underscores military exp. Of course, it’s a big field and he’s a young Midwestern mayor. But he’s using his time on stage effectively here. This is a focused candidate.
Fallon Tonight
mayor pete buttigieg confronts jimmy about his impression in 7 different languages
Mayor Pete Buttigieg confronts Jimmy about his impression (in 7 different languages) #FallonTonight
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Morning Joe
mayor buttigieg and president trump have both been met with protesters at campaign events how both have handle
Mayor Buttigieg and President Trump have both been met with protesters at campaign events.

How both have handled the heckling is a different story.
2020 democrats you might be surprised by mayor pete buttigieg he reminds me of obama
2020 Democrats: You might be surprised by Mayor Pete #Buttigieg. He reminds me of #Obama.
NYT Politics
in his first south carolina visit pete buttigieg the 37 year old indiana mayor exploring a presidential bid wa
In his first South Carolina visit, Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old Indiana mayor exploring a presidential bid, was mistaken for a teen taping a promposal and conducted an interview in Norwegian
Dan Merica
cnn with the institute of politics at harvard kennedy school will host five straight town halls in nh on monda
CNN, with The Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School, will host five straight town halls in NH on Monday, April 22:

7pm ET: Sen. Amy Klobuchar
8pm ET: Sen. Elizabeth Warren
9pm ET: Sen. Bernie Sanders
10pm ET: Sen. Kamala Harris
11pm ET: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg
@MSNBC 1 week
vp pence on mayor buttigieg we had a great working relationship and he said some things that are critical of m
VP Pence on Mayor Buttigieg: "We had a great working relationship, and he said some things that are critical of my Christian faith and about me personally, and he knows better, he knows me.”
@GOP 1 month
66 of hoosiers have never heard of the mayor of south bend amp 2020 dem pete buttigieg instead of focusing on
66% of Hoosiers have never heard of the Mayor of South Bend & 2020 Dem Pete Buttigieg.

Instead of focusing on his town's sea of potholes & sky-high crime rate, Buttigieg has spent years ignoring his duties as Mayor of South Bend & focusing on launching a Presidential campaign.
CNN Breaking News
pete buttigieg officially launches his 2020 campaign if elected he would be the first to go from mayor to the
Pete Buttigieg officially launches his 2020 campaign. If elected, he would be the first to go from mayor to the White House.
NBC News
south bend mayor pete hugs his husband chasten glezman after buttigieg formally announced sunday that he will
South Bend Mayor Pete #Buttigieg hugs his husband, Chasten Glezman, after Buttigieg formally announced Sunday that he will run for president in 2020.
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