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Results for Manhattan


Donald J. Trump
congressman jerry nadler fought me for years on a very large development i built on the west side of manhattan
Congressman Jerry Nadler fought me for years on a very large development I built on the West Side of Manhattan. He wanted a Rail Yard built underneath the development or even better, to stop the job. He didn’t get either & the development became VERY successful. Nevertheless,....
Lost In History
before new york when henry hudson first looked on manhattan in 1609 what did he see
Before New York: When Henry Hudson first looked on Manhattan in 1609, what did he see?
Adam Schiff
another sentencing another statement by manaforts lawyer repeating trumps mantra of no collusion and another b
Another sentencing, another statement by Manafort’s lawyer repeating Trump’s mantra of “no collusion,” and another barely concealed appeal for a pardon.

It shouldn’t fall to the Manhattan DA to deter a presidential pardon. Congress should take action to protect the rule of law.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
fyi manhattan where people know trump best hes lived worked amp played there most of his life gave him 10 of t
FYI: Manhattan, where people know Trump best (he’s lived, worked, & played there most of his life), gave him 10% of the vote.
Lost In History
manhattan beach california 1950s
Gene Demby
in 2000 a haitan american man named patrick dorismond was standing outside a bar in midtown manhattan a plains
In 2000, a Haitan American man named Patrick Dorismond was standing outside a bar in midtown Manhattan. A plainsclothes cop walked up to him and asked him where he could buy crack.

“What are you doing asking me for that shit?” Dorimsond asked.
Kirsten Gillibrand
i am deeply troubled by the reports that president trump personally interviewed geoffrey berman to permanently
I am deeply troubled by the reports that President Trump personally interviewed Geoffrey Berman to permanently fill the post of Manhattan U.S. attorney, and find it disqualifying, considering the potential conflicts of interest on matters that could affect the president himself.
Jeffrey Wright
former haitian dictator baby doc duvalier used a panamanian shell companyto buy apartment 54 k in trumps manha
Former Haitian dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier “used a Panamanian shell buy apartment 54-K in Trump’s Manhattan tower for $446,875 cash. Trump signed the deed of sale.” When you forget you launder money through your shithole criminal syndicate.
Steve Kopack
breaking via federal prosecutors in manhattan have gathered evidence of donald trump s participation in paymen
Breaking, via : Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have gathered evidence of Donald Trump's participation in payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal "that violated campaign-finance laws"
Kenneth P. Vogel
projected on the new york state supreme court building in lower manhattan on friday night saturday morning by
PROJECTED: On the New York State Supreme Court Building in Lower Manhattan on Friday night/Saturday morning by .
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