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Narendra Modi
gandhi ji s favourite vaishnava jana to sung by renowned malagasy folk group benjagasy with traditional malaga
Gandhi Ji's favourite ‘Vaishnava Jana To’ sung by renowned Malagasy folk group BenjaGasy with traditional Malagasy instruments against the backdrop of Ruva Queen’s Palace. Happy to see immense respect for Bapu in Madagascar. #Gandhi150

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this afternoon in antananarivo president kagame and first lady jeannette kagame are the guests of honour at ma
This afternoon in Antananarivo, President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame are the Guests of Honour at Mahamasina Municipal Stadium where thousands of Malagasy are gathered to celebrate the 59th Anniversary of Madagascar's independence. Follow live
Presidency | Rwanda
president kagame begins this is my first visit to africas largest island the natural beauty of madagascar is l
President Kagame begins: This is my first visit to Africa’s largest island. The natural beauty of Madagascar is legendary and truly breath-taking. However, we have found the warm, generous spirit of the Malagasy people even more striking.
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the lowland streaked tenrec is an unusual looking critter that is endemic to madagascar its body is covered in
The lowland streaked tenrec is an unusual-looking critter that is endemic to Madagascar. Its body is covered in black and yellow quills that can be deployed to discourage predators like the Malagasy ring-tailed mongoose and Dumeril boa.
Norway MFA
visit to center for victims of sexual violence in impressed by the malagasy government efforts to change an un
Visit to center for victims of sexual violence in #Tulear #Madagascar. Impressed by the Malagasy government efforts to change an unacceptable situation for too many women and girls. Norway is pleased to announce support to #EndSGBV through UNFPA with #FITIA as a dedicated partner
UN Development
80 of madagascar s wildlife found nowhere else on earth our supported projects equips the malagasy people w th
80% of Madagascar's wildlife found nowhere else on Earth! Our -supported projects equips the Malagasy people w/ the latest in biodiversity protection & land mgt tools.
#AfricaWeek #EgyptCOP14 #UNDPNature
Yoko Ono
warisover if you want it malagasy
#WARISOVER (If You Want It) #Malagasy
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