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Apple Music
ificanthaveyou is a must for your library listen to the latest from shawnmendes
#IfICantHaveYou is a must for your library.
Listen to the latest from @ShawnMendes:
Justin Bieber
finally here poland and i got a library anyone have a good book to recommend
Finally here. #poland . And I got a library . Anyone have a good book to recommend?
@good 9 months
man falsely imprisoned for 10 years uses prison library to study law and have his conviction overturned become
Man falsely imprisoned for 10 years, uses prison library to study law and have his conviction overturned. Becomes a lawyer and is now helping overturn other false convictions.
Sen Dianne Feinstein
brett kavanaughs deputy from the white house is deciding what documents are turned over to the senate this per
Brett Kavanaugh’s deputy from the White House is deciding what documents are turned over to the Senate. This person does NOT work for the nonpartisan National Archives or the Bush Library. He works for President Bush in a personal capacity. This is unprecedented & unacceptable.
Elijah E. Cummings
libraries do much more than lend books they kindle our dreams amp open us up to opportunities the s proposal t
Libraries do much more than lend books; they kindle our dreams & open us up to opportunities.

The #TrumpBudget’s proposal to eliminate the Institute for Museum and Library Services is unacceptable.

Congress must ensure that we fund libraries & all of the services they provide.
@LiamPayne 2 years
you can pre save stripthatdown on spotify so it will be there in your library on friday
You can pre-save #STRIPTHATDOWN on @Spotify so it will be there in your library on Friday!
Jim Acosta
@Acosta 5 months
mattis at reagan library today on russia there is no doubt the relationship has worsened he putin tried again
Mattis at Reagan Library today on Russia: “There is no doubt the relationship has worsened. He (Putin) tried again to muck around in our elections this last month and we are seeing a continued effort along those lines.”
Cory Booker
william barr literally wrote amp published a book called the case for more incarceration while leading the dep
William Barr *literally* wrote & published a book called "The Case for More Incarceration" while leading the Department of Justice. Found a copy in a law library. It's real.

The fight for criminal justice reform has made so much progress – we can't let forces take us back.
Stephen Colbert
trumps presidential library will be divided into two sections non fiction and alternative facts
Trump’s Presidential Library will be divided into two sections: “Non-Fiction” and “Alternative Facts”.
@NRA 1 week
apple s new flagship store at carnegie library in washington dc had its grand opening today they have armed se
Apple's new flagship store at Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C. had its grand opening today. They have armed security to protect shoppers and staff and clearly understand that "gun-free zones" don't work. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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