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Ryan Broderick
if you replace sadiq khan s name with superman in trump s tweets about the london bridge attack you end up wit
If you replace Sadiq Khan's name with "Superman" in Trump's tweets about the London Bridge attack you end up with Lex Luthor's Twitter feed
@IGN 4 years
batman v superman dawn of justice looks like jesse eisenberg s lex luthor may indeed be bald
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice looks like Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor may indeed be bald.
Adam Levine
excuse me lex luthor was bald i have shaved my head meaning shaved by choice big difference ok ok
Excuse me. Lex Luthor was bald. I have "shaved" my head. Meaning, shaved by choice. Big difference. Ok?!! Ok?!!
Brenda Strong
wait til you see what the luthor family is up to tonight on watching play my ruthlessly brilliant son lex was
Wait til you see what the Luthor family is up to tonight on @TheCWSupergirl Watching @MrJonCryer play my ruthlessly brilliant son Lex, was such a ridiculously delicious pleasure!!#lexluthor #luthorfamilydisfunction
Entertainment Weekly
supergirl will introduce lex luthor in season 4
Supergirl will introduce Lex Luthor in season 4
The QI Elves
when the superman comics were rebooted in the 1980s the new lex luthor supermans arch nemesis was based on don
When the Superman comics were rebooted in the 1980s, the new Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch-nemesis, was based on Donald Trump. Luthor was a Wall Street executive who, in a 2001 story, became US President.
Game Informer
new batman v superman dawn of justice trailer teases joker shows wonder woman and lex luthor
Entertainment Weekly
exclusive watch the first supergirl footage of jon cryer s lex luthor
Exclusive: Watch the first #Supergirl footage of Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor
Patton Oswalt
chris christie is to donald trump as otis was to lex luthor
"Chris Christie" is to "Donald Trump" as "Otis" was to "Lex Luthor."
Hollywood Reporter
mrjoncryer will play lex luthor on the cw s supergirl
.@MrJonCryer Will Play Lex Luthor on The CW's #Supergirl
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