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Jillian Sederholm
i love how conleth hill tossed his script after his last line so he didn t even have to read along with varys
I love how Conleth Hill tossed his script after his last line so he didn't even have to read along with Varys' death scene. And totally teared up at Lena Headey and Gwendoline Christie comforting him. #TheLastWatch
Game of Thrones
nikolajcw as jaime lannister and lena headey as cersei lannister in gotseason6 gameofthrones
Deadline Hollywood
lena headey to star in amp executive produce dramedy pilot rita based on danish series at showtime
British Vogue
sophie turner lena headey maisie williams and gwendoline christie talk to british vogue about their experience
with the addition of gameofthrones actress lena headey the number of harvey weinstein accusers rises to 47
With the addition of #GameOfThrones actress Lena Headey, the number of Harvey Weinstein accusers rises to 47
Ben Shapiro
my reaction when i read that lena headey says aoc should run the world
My reaction when I read that Lena Headey says AOC should run the world
Hollywood Reporter
best supporting actress in a drama series lena headey vanessa kirby alexis bledel thandie newton millie bobby
#Emmys : Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Lena Headey
Vanessa Kirby
Alexis Bledel
Thandie Newton
Millie Bobby Brown
Yvonne Strahovski
Ann Dowd
Netflix UK & Ireland
puppet news lena headey awkwafina benedict wong and sigourney weaver have been added to the dark crystal age

Lena Headey, Awkwafina, Benedict Wong and Sigourney Weaver have been added to the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance cast that already included...

Mark Hamill
Taron Egerton
Nathalie Emmanuel
Helena Bonham Carter
Andy Samberg
Simon Pegg
Gugu Mbatha-Raw...
The New York Times
emilia clarke called her the beating heart of our show sophie turner said shes the woman that i want to grow
-Emilia Clarke called her “the beating heart of our show”
-Sophie Turner said she’s “the woman that I want to grow up to be like”
-Lena Headey called her “the true Mother of Dragons

Meet the secret hero of "Game of Thrones"
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British Vogue
ahead of season 8 lena headey and bid farewell to the series discussing the evolution of the women of westeros
Ahead of Season 8, Lena Headey, , and bid farewell to the series, discussing the evolution of the women of Westeros, their personal highlights from the set, and their all-time favourite characters
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