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Ben Shapiro
from left to right lectured pence called iraqi terrorists minutemen sexually abused sister celebrates her 2 ab
From left to right:
- Lectured Pence
- Called Iraqi terrorists "minutemen"
- Sexually abused sister
- Celebrates her 2 abortions
- Communist
Allen West
hamilton actor who lectured pence probably wishes he never tweeted this
Hamilton actor who lectured Pence probably wishes he NEVER tweeted this...
Free Beacon
oops gt hamilton actor who lectured pence called women hos on twitter
Oops --> 'Hamilton’ Actor Who Lectured Pence Called Women ‘Ho’s’ on Twitter
Red Alert Politics
hamilton star who lectured pence has history of sexist racist tweets
‘Hamilton’ star who lectured Pence has history of sexist, racist tweets
Jenna Johnson
today king abdullah ii of jordan lectured vice president pence on the impact of president trumps decision to r
Today King Abdullah II of Jordan lectured Vice President Pence on the impact of President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “We hope that the US will reach out and find the right way to move forward in these challenging circumstances.”
Trade Alerts, Trade
trump slams very rude hamilton cast after vp pence booed lectured during show
New York Post
two days after being booed and lectured at hamilton mike pence called the musical incredible
Two days after being booed and lectured at Hamilton, Mike Pence called the musical “incredible”
Glenn Beck
biased much vp elect pence lectured by cast of hamilton hillary lauded
The Daily Caller
pence on being lectured by hamilton cast i wasnt offended by what was said
Pence On Being Lectured By ‘Hamilton’ Cast: ‘I Wasn’t Offended By What Was Said’
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