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INC India
congress president rahulgandhi met the karnataka cm hdkumaraswamy
Congress President @RahulGandhi met the Karnataka CM @hd_kumaraswamy
Narendra Modi
congress and jds would not like the sights from gangavathiit is bjp all the way before every election either d
Congress and JD(S) would not like the sights from Gangavathi…it is BJP all the way!

Before every election either Deve Gowda Ji or Kumaraswamy Ji make ‘promises’ to quit politics if BJP wins but they never keep their word.

On the contrary, they field more family members!
PMO India
chief minister of karnataka shri hdkumaraswamy called on pm narendramodi
Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri @hd_kumaraswamy called on PM @narendramodi.
@ANI 5 months
karnataka cm hd kumaraswamy caught on cam telling someone on the phone hemurdered jds leader prakash was a goo
#WATCH Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy caught on cam telling someone on the phone 'He(murdered JDS leader Prakash) was a good man, I don't know why did they murder him. Kill them (assailants) mercilessly in a shootout, no problem. (24.12.18)
Abhijit Majumder
uddhav thackeray is the new indian liberal rahul gandhi is the new shiv bhakt sitaram yechury is the new devot
Uddhav Thackeray is the new Indian liberal. Rahul Gandhi is the new Shiv bhakt. Sitaram Yechury is the new devotee. Tej Pratap Yadav is our new historian. And Kumaraswamy is the new Nirupa Roy. #AchheyDin is complete
@TimesNow 5 months
karnataka cm hd kumaraswamy has claimed that congress is interfering in the day to day governance of the state
Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy has claimed that Congress is interfering in the day-to-day governance of the state and added that he was working like a clerk and not a Chief Minister
@ANI 4 months
karnataka cm hd kumaraswamy says if they want to continue with the same thing i am ready to step down they ar
#WATCH : Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy says "...If they want to continue with the same thing, I am ready to step down. They are crossing the line", when asked 'Congress MLAs are saying that Siddaramaiah is their CM'.'
@ANI 1 year
west bengal cm mamata banerjee reprimands dig neelamani raju as she came to karnataka vidhana soudha for oath
#WATCH : West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee reprimands DIG Neelamani Raju as she came to Karnataka Vidhana Soudha for oath taking ceremony because reportedly had to walk a few metres, also expressed discontentment to HD Deve Gowda & HD Kumaraswamy.#Bengaluru
Arvind Kejriwal
on behalf of people of delhi i wish to thank all political parties n their leaders who supported us in this fi
On behalf of people of Delhi, I wish to thank all political parties n their leaders, who supported us in this fight. Spl thanks to Hon’ble CMs - Mamta di, Sh Kumaraswamy, Sh Chandrababu Naidu and Sh Vijayan (2/2)
Narendra Modi
birthday greetings to karnataka cm shri hdkumaraswamy ji praying for his long and healthy life
Birthday greetings to Karnataka CM Shri @hd_kumaraswamy Ji. Praying for his long and healthy life.
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