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Results for Kosovo


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The Int'l Spectator
europe willing to fight for country finland 74 ukraine 62 russia 59 kosovo 58 sweden 55 greece 54 poland 47 sw
EUROPE: Willing to fight for country.

Finland: 74%
Ukraine: 62%
Russia: 59%
Kosovo: 58%
Sweden: 55%
Greece: 54%
Poland: 47%
Switzerland: 39%
Ireland: 38%
Romania: 38%
France: 29%
Portugal: 28%
UK: 27%
Spain: 21%
Italy: 20%
Germany: 18%
Netherlands: 15%

The Int'l Spectator
queen elizabeth ii can only be charged for a crime in four countries south sudan kosovo vanuatu and palau ever
Queen Elizabeth II can only be charged for a crime in four countries: South Sudan, Kosovo, Vanuatu and Palau.

Everywhere else, she is protected by sovereign or diplomatic immunity.
Bill Clinton
congratulations to the people of kosovo on the 10th anniversary of their independence
Congratulations to the people of Kosovo on the 10th anniversary of their independence.
@bet365 1 month
international matches unbeaten kosovo 12 brazil 7 england 7 germany 4 france 3 belgium 2 spain 2
International matches unbeaten:

Kosovo - 12
Brazil - 7
England - 7
Germany - 4
France - 3
Belgium - 2
Spain - 2
@bet365 1 month
how to say goat in each country england messi spain messi germany messi france messi italy messi portugal mess
How to say GOAT in each country:

England - Messi
Spain - Messi
Germany - Messi
France - Messi
Italy - Messi
Portugal - Messi
Holland - Messi
Kosovo - Zeneli

Rita Ora
@RitaOra 1 month
spending time back in kosovo with for has been so rewarding i cant wait to tell you more about the work i have
Spending time back in Kosovo with for has been so rewarding. I can’t wait to tell you more about the work I have seen, who I have met and why I am so proud to be involved in for Unicef this yea#SoccerAidr! 💙
Kenneth Roth
beyond the complete lack of due process the six turks who may have been sent from kosovo to turkey would face
Beyond the complete lack of due process, the six Turks who may have been sent from Kosovo to Turkey would face severe risk of torture and abuse. Whereabouts unclear.
@England 5 months
completing group a kosovo what do you make of the threelions qualifying opponents
Completing Group A: Kosovo!

What do you make of the #ThreeLions' qualifying opponents?
Sky Sports News HQ
breaking england drawn against czech republic bulgaria montenegro and kosovo in group a in euro 2020 qualifica
BREAKING: England drawn against Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo in Group A in Euro 2020 qualification. #SSN
Rita Ora
@RitaOra 3 months
happy independence day kosovo shine bright everyday i shot my video for shine your light there in 2012 one of
Happy Independence Day Kosovo!!! Shine bright everyday - I shot my video for Shine Your Light there in 2012 one of my best memories!!! I Love you so much ❤️😊🇽🇰
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