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Donald J. Trump
very productive talks yesterday with china on trade will continue today i will be leaving for hanoi vietnam ea
Very productive talks yesterday with China on Trade. Will continue today! I will be leaving for Hanoi, Vietnam, early tomorrow for a Summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, where we both expect a continuation of the progress made at first Summit in Singapore. Denuclearization?
Toronto Sun
trump next summit with north koreas kim will be in hanoi
Trump: Next summit with North Korea’s Kim will be in Hanoi
Mark Knoller
air force one is wheels up from on flight to hanoi for second summit with nk s kim jong un it s pres trump s 1
Air Force One is wheels up from on flight to Hanoi for second summit with NK's Kim Jong Un. It's Pres Trump's 11th foreign trip and will be his 2nd visit to Vietnam. He made a State Visit there in Nov 2017.
Reuters Top News
just in trump says his meeting with north korea s kim jong un will be held in hanoi
JUST IN: Trump says his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un will be held in Hanoi
Jennifer Jacobs
latest the next trump kim jong un summit will be in vietnam sources tell me and high level talks have focused
LATEST: The next Trump/Kim Jong Un summit will be in VIETNAM, sources tell me and .

High-level talks have focused on Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City.

Things could change, of course. But the Trump admin plan right now is for Vietnam.
John Roberts
realdonaldtrump reveals tonight that his meeting with kim will be in hanoi
.@realDonaldTrump reveals tonight that his meeting with Kim will be in Hanoi
Jonathan Lemire
new per white house trump will first meet with kim jong un in hanoi on wednesday evening for a greeting and so
NEW, per White House: Trump will first meet with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi on Wednesday evening for a greeting and social dinner.

Both men will be joined by a translator and two aides. Pompeo and Mulvaney will accompany Trump.
Jonathan Cheng
cha in nyt experts believe pyongyang may have already made material for as many as eight new bombs in the peri
Cha in NYT: "Experts believe Pyongyang may have already made material for as many as eight new bombs in the period between the Singapore and Hanoi summits. And…Mr. Trump will not be yearning for another summit with Mr. Kim any time soon."

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