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Ben Shapiro
did the unborn babies also kill a man a woman and the woman s two young daughters because if not i m failing t
Did the unborn babies also kill a man, a woman, and the woman's two young daughters? Because if not, I'm failing to see the comparison point.
breaking news alabama house passes bill banning abortion would make killing unborn babies a felony abortionist

Alabama House Passes Bill Banning Abortion, Would Make Killing Unborn Babies a Felony

Abortionists who kill babies in abortions could face as much as 10 to 99 years in prison!
vermont is about to become the next new york and legalize abortions up to birth vermont may not care about bab
Vermont is about to become the next New York and legalize abortions up to birth.

Vermont may not care about babies but we will NEVER stop speaking up for unborn children they violently kill in abortions!
abortion methods abortion procedures used to kill unborn babies saysomethingliberalin4words
abortion advocates lie again the latest lie is that the new georgia heartbeat law punishes women for miscarria
Abortion advocates lie again. The latest lie is that the new Georgia heartbeat law punishes women for miscarriages.

This is simply not true.

The only people prosecuted under the law are abortionists who would be jailed if they kill unborn babies.
california may send someone to prison for 7 years for dumping puppies no crime to kill unborn babies
California May Send Someone to Prison for 7 Years for Dumping Puppies, No Crime to Kill Unborn Babies
Dr. Marty Fox
if you boo god you will probably run a criminal for president kill unborn babies give iran nukes
If You Boo #GOD

You Will Probably

➡️ Run A Criminal For #President
➡️ Kill Unborn Babies
➡️ Give #Iran Nukes
Richard Dawkins
is it possible for this petulant infant to get any more childish now watch the replies for says he who wants t
Is it possible for this petulant infant to get any more childish?
Now watch the replies for:
“Says he who wants to kill unborn babies
“Stick to science”
“Obama / Hillary just as bad”
“You’re senile”
“You’re British, butt out of US affairs”
etc ad nauseam
so believes it s christ like to kill unborn babies that s evil right there folks unadulterated evil
So believes it's Christ-like to kill unborn babies. That's evil, right there, folks -- unadulterated evil. #prolife #foxnation #ToddStarnesShow
liberals are confused about everything in life they don t no what gender they are what country to support don
Liberals are confused about everything in life. They don't no what gender they are, what country to support, don't believe in God, kill unborn babies, disrespect police and military, don't want you to keep the money you earn. The last 2 years has been unhinged craziness.
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