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Joe Scarborough
ken burns told me robert e lee killed more americans than hitler mussolini stalin ho chi minh saddam hussein a
Ken Burns told me Robert E Lee killed more Americans than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden combined.
The Hill
ken burns responds to john kelly only one factor caused the civil war slavery
Ken Burns responds to John Kelly: Only one factor caused the Civil War — slavery
Marcus Gilmer
a new generation of voters need to catch up on story and trump s involvement ken burns doc a must watch is on
A new generation of voters need to catch up on #CentralPark5 story and Trump's involvement. Ken Burns' doc, a must-watch, is on Amazon Prime and the amazing has a series based on the case coming to Netflix in 2019.


filmmaker ken burns delivers blistering takedown of donald trump at stanford
Filmmaker Ken Burns delivers blistering takedown of Donald Trump at Stanford
Ken Burns
ken burns country music documentary soundtrack due in august rolling stone pbs countrymusicpbs
Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ Documentary: Soundtrack Due in AugustRolling Stone @PBS #CountryMusicPBS
Slade Sohmer
anyone know ken burns we need a 13 hour documentary on the last decade of sammy sosas life
Anyone know Ken Burns? We need a 13-hour documentary on the last decade of Sammy Sosa’s life.
@TIME 3 years
ken burns to stanford grads trump is an insult to our history
Ken Burns to Stanford grads: Trump is "an insult to our history"
Dave Weigel
free idea tweets from fyrefestival dramatically read like civil war letters in the ken burns documentary
Free idea: Tweets from #fyrefestival dramatically read like Civil War letters in the Ken Burns documentary.
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