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Jim Sciutto
breaking trumps longtime aide keith schiller who delivered comey firing letter tells people he has decided to
Breaking: Trump’s longtime aide Keith Schiller, who delivered Comey firing letter, tells people he has decided to leave WH -@DanaBashCNN
Jonathan Swan
the rnc should be more specific about what this donor money is paying for firm owned by trump s longtime bodyg
The RNC should be more specific about what this donor money is paying for... "Firm owned by Trump's longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller has received $225,000 from the RNC"
Jim Roberts
white house departures part 2 steve bannon sebastian gorka rich higgins william bradford keith schiller tom pr
White House departures, part 2:
Steve Bannon
Sebastian Gorka
Rich Higgins
William Bradford
Keith Schiller
Tom Price
Jamie Johnson
John Feeley
Rick Dearborn
Jeremy Katz
Carl Higbie
Dina Powell
Omarosa Manigault Newman
Taylor Weyeneth
Rob Porter
David Sorensen...
Yaroslav Trofimov
why is trump s former bodyguard and head of security keith schiller in an adidas fleece meeting the iraq kurdi
Why is Trump's former bodyguard and head of security Keith Schiller, in an Adidas fleece, meeting the Iraq Kurdistan president and premier?
Rebecca Ballhaus
the trump campaign appears to be covering keith schillers legal fees paying 66000 in january to schertler amp
The Trump campaign appears to be covering Keith Schiller’s legal fees, paying $66,000 in January to Schertler & Onorato, the law firm representing Schiller in the Russia probe, per FEC filings.

Meanwhile, the RNC has paid Keith Schiller’s security firm $90,000 since last fall.
@cspan 1 year
clip president trump s bodyguard keith schiller catches lamp in oval office during visit with south korean pre
CLIP: President Trump's bodyguard Keith Schiller catches lamp in Oval Office during visit with South Korean President Moon.
Philip Rucker
sarah sanders says it is standard procedure for white house medical unit to take possession of the president s
Sarah Sanders says it is "standard procedure" for White House Medical Unit to take possession of the president's medical records and disputes characterization of Keith Schiller seizing records as a "burglary."
Nicole Hong
new federal prosecutors in manhattan questioned hope hicks and keith schiller trump s longtime bodyguard last
NEW: Federal prosecutors in Manhattan questioned Hope Hicks and Keith Schiller, Trump's longtime bodyguard, last year as part of its criminal investigation into hush payments made to two women ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Manu Raju
feinstein sends letters to hope hicks keith schiller and reince priebus as part of senate judiciary s russia p
Feinstein sends letters to Hope Hicks, Keith Schiller and Reince Priebus as part of Senate Judiciary's Russia probe. Grassley did not sign on
Aaron Blake
former trump body man keith schiller is also getting 15000 per month right now same amount omarosa was offered
Former Trump body man Keith Schiller is also getting $15,000 per month right now -- same amount Omarosa was offered

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