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CNN Breaking News
rep justin amash becomes the first republican in congress to call for trump s impeachment and accuses ag barr
Rep. Justin Amash becomes the first Republican in Congress to call for Trump's impeachment and accuses AG Barr of intentionally misleading the public
Manu Raju
24 15 house oversight votes to hold bill barr and wilbur ross in contempt over defying a democratic subpoena f
24-15, House Oversight votes to hold Bill Barr and Wilbur Ross in contempt over defying a Democratic subpoena for info on citizenship question of 2020 census, setting the stage for a court fight with the Trump administration. Justin Amash voted for the motion
Joy Reid
pretty remarkable that og tea party member and house freedom caucus charter member justin amash is taking a st
Pretty remarkable that O.G. tea party member and House Freedom Caucus charter member Justin Amash is taking a stronger position on Donald Trump and the constitutional remedies for his abrogations than most Democrats or the Democratic leadership. The world is so strange.
a town hall crowd gave rep justin amash a standing ovation for standing up to trump
A town hall crowd gave Rep. Justin Amash a standing ovation for standing up to Trump
Mark R. Levin
justin amash smears barr and trump now leftist and media hero
Justin Amash smears Barr and Trump, now leftist and media hero

The New York Times
representative justin amash a republican of michigan became the first member of his party serving in congress
Representative Justin Amash, a Republican of Michigan, became the first member of his party serving in Congress to publicly suggest that the president’s conduct had reached the “threshold of impeachment”
Dan Rather
the attacks on justin amash are predictable what s also predictable is they are mostly personal trying to unde
The attacks on Justin Amash are predictable. What's also predictable is they are mostly personal, trying to undercut the man rather than confront the strength and reason of his incisive critique of the president's actions and the political opportunists who condone those actions.
Lisa Desjardins
republican justin amash joined democrats in voting to hold sec ross and ag barr in contempt
Republican Justin Amash joined Democrats in voting to hold Sec. Ross and AG Barr in contempt.
The Washington Post
opinion republicans may never forgive justin amash the nation should thank him
Opinion: Republicans may never forgive Justin Amash. The nation should thank him.
The Washington Post
rep justin amash lone wolf gop trump critic leaves house freedom caucus
Rep. Justin Amash, lone-wolf GOP Trump critic, leaves House Freedom Caucus
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