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@LiamPayne 4 years
congrats to jamie scott john ryan and julian bunetta you all deserve the world enjoy your night fellas
Congrats to Jamie Scott John Ryan and Julian Bunetta you all deserve the world enjoy your night fellas
Louis Tomlinson
sad to hear about john ryan resigning
Sad to hear about John Ryan resigning !
Christopher Hayes
the modern gop is basically steve bannon steve king and stephen miller on one side engaged in a project to pre
The modern GOP is basically Steve Bannon, Steve King and Stephen Miller on one side engaged in a project to preserve and enshrine dominance for its ethnic/racial base, and Paul Ryan and John Roberts on the other who pretend they have no idea what they’re up to.
Louis Tomlinson
amazing what john ryan is doing today at barnsley
Amazing what John Ryan is doing today at Barnsley !!
ian bremmer
past five house speakers newt gingrich resigned dennis hastert resigned then imprisoned john boehner resigned
Past five House Speakers:

Newt Gingrich – resigned
Dennis Hastert – resigned then imprisoned
John Boehner – resigned
Paul Ryan – resigned
Nancy Pelosi – reclaims Speaker role after 8 years
NBC News
stage night 1 june 26 1 sen cory booker 2 sen elizabeth warren 3 rep beto orourke 4 sen amy klobuchar 5 rep jo
#DemDebate stage Night 1: June 26

1. Sen. Cory Booker
2. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
3. Rep. Beto O’Rourke
4. Sen. Amy Klobuchar
5. Rep. John Delaney
6. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
7. Sec. Julian Castro
8. Rep. Tim Ryan
9. Mayor Bill de Blasio
10. Gov. Jay Inslee
Judd Legum
retweet if you don t think paul ryan should lecture john lewis on sit ins
Retweet if you don't think Paul Ryan should lecture John Lewis on sit-ins
Nate Silver
paul ryan s a bit like john kelly in that the media started out with a caricature of himin ryan s case as a wo
Paul Ryan's a bit like John Kelly in that the media started out with a caricature of him—in Ryan's case, as a wonkish, reasonable, deficit hawk and fiscal conservative—that was pretty impervious to contrary evidence.
Daniel Dale
trump tweets this morning im going to pa to campaign for a republican white house no hes going to talk taxes i
Trump tweets this morning:
- I’m going to PA to campaign for a Republican (White House: No he’s going to talk taxes)
- I don’t like this CHIP business (Paul Ryan: No he actually does)
- The Wall has always been the same (John Kelly: No)
- Mexico will pay for The Wall (Mexico: No)
Manu Raju
gop quiet on concerns ross may have mislead two house panels ryans office referred to gowdys office which refe
GOP quiet on concerns Ross may have mislead two House panels; Ryan’s office referred to Gowdy’s office, which referred to approps, and spox for chairman of approps subcommittee, vulnerable Republican John Culberson, didn’t respond
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