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The Int'l Spectator
us presidents during the reign of queen elizabeth ii harry truman dwight eisenhower john kennedy lyndon johnso
J.K. Rowling
the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all john f kennedy
'The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.'

John F. Kennedy
Donald Trump Jr.
congrats to the democrats who after last night are now officially the party of impeachment open borders abolis
Congrats to the Democrats, who after last night are now officially the Party of impeachment, open borders, abolishing ICE, banning the 2nd Amendment and unbridled socialism.

The Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy is dead. RIP.
Will Saletan
sen john kennedy r la on russians offering campaign help they re not going not walk in and say hi i m from rus
Sen. John Kennedy, R-LA, on Russians offering campaign help: "They're not going not walk in and say, 'Hi, I'm from Russia. I've got some information for you.'"

That's almost literally what the email setting up the Trump Tower meeting said. Don Jr, Kushner and Manafort bit on it.
Donald J. Trump
i spent friday campaigning with john kennedy of the great state of louisiana for the ussenate the election is
I spent Friday campaigning with John Kennedy, of the Great State of Louisiana, for the U.S.Senate. The election is over - JOHN WON!
Donald J. Trump
thank you louisiana get out amp vote for john kennedy tomorrow electing kennedy will help enact our agenda on
Thank you Louisiana! Get out & vote for John Kennedy tomorrow. Electing Kennedy will help enact our agenda on behalf of the people.
Celtic Football Club
neil lennon has been named manager until the end of the season neil will be joined by john kennedy as assistan
Neil Lennon has been named #CelticFC manager until the end of the season. Neil will be joined by John Kennedy as assistant manager and Damien Duff as first team coach.

Welcome home, Neil 🍀

NYT Archives
president john f kennedy is assassinated in dallas on this day in 1963
President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, on this day in 1963.
@allkpop 2 weeks
itzy will be attending louis vuitton s cruise 2020 show at john f kennedy international airport
ITZY will be attending 'Louis Vuitton's 'Cruise 2020 Show' at John F. Kennedy International Airport
Daniel Dale
@ddale8 4 months
trump to the american farm bureau convention on sen john kennedy this is a man who is totally brilliant i don
Trump to the American Farm Bureau convention on Sen. John Kennedy: "This is a man who is totally brilliant. I don't know if you know what this means: Oxford. He went to Oxford. I'm very much into the world of schools. Oxford -- you have to be very, very smart to go to Oxford."
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