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Manu Raju
rep joaquin castro a democratic member of the house intelligence committee told me he approached chairman devi
Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, told me he approached Chairman Devin Nunes on the floor and told him Dems wanted to attend the DOJ briefing on the FBI source. Nunes’ response: “I’m not going to play that game.”
rep joaquin castro calls laura ingraham a white supremacist during a heated twitter spat
Rep. Joaquin Castro calls Laura Ingraham "a white supremacist" during a heated Twitter spat
@MSNBC 5 months
house intel cmte member rep joaquin castro if the buzzfeed news story is true president trump must resign or b
House Intel Cmte. Member Rep. Joaquin Castro: "If the BuzzFeed News story is true, President Trump must resign or be impeached."
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this must read thread from brandon darby exposes the glaring hypocrisy of joaquin castro and other dems on mig
This must-read thread from Brandon Darby exposes the glaring hypocrisy of Joaquin Castro and other Dems on migrant detention facilities
Manu Raju
house budget chairman john yarmuth said that waiting til the fall will be too late to begin impeachment inquir
House Budget Chairman John Yarmuth said that waiting til the fall will be “too late” to begin impeachment inquiry. Veronica Escobar said she’s concerned with the leadership’s hesitance. Joaquin Castro told me that it’s time to begin impeachment immediately given WH stonewalling.
@MSNBC 1 year
do you believe that you heard evidence of crimes committed by members of this administration rep joaquin cast
.: "Do you believe that you heard evidence of crimes committed by members of this administration?"

Rep. Joaquin Castro: "Yes."
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you re a white supremacist laura rep joaquin castro told fox news host laura ingraham
"You're a white supremacist, Laura," Rep. Joaquin Castro told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.
CNN Politics
texas rep joaquin castro describes his plans if president trump declares a national emergency to build his bor
Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro describes his plans if President Trump declares a national emergency to build his border wall: "We'll challenge him in Congress. We'll challenge him in the courts. And I think the American people will challenge the President."
ABC News
@ABC 2 weeks
congressional hispanic caucus members speak during visit to clint border patrol facility as protesters shout l
Congressional Hispanic Caucus members speak during visit to Clint border patrol facility, as protesters shout "liar!" and "Trump 2020!"

"We saw that the system is still broken, and that people's human rights are still being abused," Joaquin Castro says.
CBS News
joaquin castro ice raids represent trump s second family separation policy
Joaquin Castro: ICE raids represent Trump's second "family separation" policy
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