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jim radford was only 15 when he served as a ship s galley boy on june 6 1944 making him the youngest known d d
Jim Radford was only 15 when he served as a ship's galley boy on June 6, 1944, making him the youngest known D-Day veteran. 75 years later, he's released a new version of a ballad he wrote in 1969 to honor those who died in Normandy.
Good Morning Britain
my great grandkids won t believe i m a pop star 90 year old war veteran jim radford opens up about memorial s
'My great-grandkids won't believe I'm a pop star!'

90-year-old war veteran Jim Radford opens up about memorial song that's set to beat Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber in the Amazon charts.

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watch jim radford veteran of dday sings last night at the albert hall heart in mouth radioleary louiseminchin
WATCH. Jim Radford, veteran of DDay, sings last night at the Albert Hall. Heart in mouth. @radioleary @louiseminchin
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d day veteran jim radford 90 has become an unexpected chart topping sensation in the uk with a veterans tribut
D-Day veteran Jim Radford, 90, has become an unexpected chart-topping sensation in the U.K. with a veterans' tribute song that's beating Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber in the singles chart
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