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victorian labor senate candidate jess walsh who described australia day as a celebration of genocide less than
Victorian Labor Senate candidate Jess Walsh, who described Australia Day as a celebration of "genocide" less than 18 months ago, now backs her party’s position #auspol #ausvotes
vic senate the aec distributed preferences today and the successful candidates are 1 james paterson lib 2 raff
VIC Senate: The AEC distributed preferences today and the successful candidates are 1. James Paterson (Lib), 2. Raffaele Ciccone (ALP), 3. Jane Hume (Lib), 4. Jess Walsh (ALP), 5. Janet Rice (GRN) & 6. David Van (Lib) #auspol
Richard Willingham
vic senate results finalised 3 liberal james paterson jane hume and david van makes his debut 2 labor raff cic
Vic Senate results finalised:
3 Liberal James Paterson, Jane Hume and David Van makes his debut.
2 Labor Raff Ciccone & Jess Walsh, also making her debut.
1 Green Janet Rice

#springst #auspol @abcmelbourne
rob harris
victorian senate done liberal 3 labor 2 greens 1 james paterson liberal raf ciccone labor jane hume liberal je
Victorian Senate done! Liberal 3, Labor 2, Greens 1.
James Paterson (Liberal), Raf Ciccone (Labor), Jane Hume (Liberal), Jess Walsh (Labor), Janet Rice (Greens), David Van (Liberal).
@abc730 3 years
myer s sitting at the top of a chain of real exploitation claims unitedvoicevic s jess walsh abc730
"Myer's sitting at the top of a chain of real exploitation," claims @UnitedVoiceVic's Jess Walsh. #abc730
rob harris
more factional warfare again breaking out in victorian labor tonight the left considering supporting united vo
More factional warfare again breaking out in Victorian Labor tonight - the Left considering supporting United Voice boss Jess Walsh and dumping Senator Gavin Marshall. Would be seen to go directly against Bill Shorten's request that all sitting MPs be endorsed.
rob harris
gavin marshall has lost the number 2 labor senate spot tonight the victorian left endorsing united voice boss
Gavin Marshall has lost the number 2 Labor senate spot tonight, the Victorian Left endorsing United Voice boss Jess Walsh. @theheraldsun
Ian Abrahams (Moose)
pfa women s young player of the year nominations millie bright nikita parris georgia stanway keira walsh carol
PFA Women's Young Player of the Year nominations Millie Bright, Nikita Parris, Georgia Stanway, Keira Walsh, Caroline Weir & Jess Carter.
Ben Sherwood
wishing happy bday to disneyabctv floriafung jess hollander disneychannel kitty walsh 2 7
Wishing happy bday to @DisneyABCTV @Floria_Fung, Jess Hollander, @DisneyChannel Kitty Walsh (2/7)
Bernard Zuel
a playlist for you with amp in company with amp jess ribeiro amp alongside amp joe walsh your gifts with purch
A playlist for you, with & in company with & Jess Ribeiro, & alongside & Joe Walsh. Your gifts with purchase are Betty Everett & Roller Disco. Get on it.
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