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Al Jazeera English
to those who demand that al jazeera be shut down we too have demands demandpressfreedom journalismisnotacrime
To those who demand that Al Jazeera be shut down. We too have demands.

#DemandPressFreedom #JournalismIsNotACrime
Al Jazeera News
breaking al jazeera media network under cyber attack on all systems websites amp social media platforms more s
BREAKING: Al Jazeera Media Network under cyber attack on all systems, websites & social media platforms. More soon:
The Associated Press
breaking saudi arabia other arab nations demand that qatar close al jazeera cut diplomatic ties to iran shutte
BREAKING: Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations demand that Qatar close Al-Jazeera, cut diplomatic ties to Iran, shutter Turkish base.
google s secret plan to help overthrow syria using qatari state broadcaster al jazeera as sent to hillary clin
Google's secret plan to help overthrow Syria using Qatari state broadcaster al-Jazeera as sent to Hillary Clinton
pdf for the covert defection tracker project that google ideas and clinton s dos laundered through al jazeera
PDF for the covert "Defection Tracker" project that Google Ideas and Clinton's DoS laundered through al-Jazeera
Ashley Killough
as al jazeera america tried asking trump a q tonight he said you guys are out of business and moved on
As Al Jazeera America tried asking Trump a Q tonight, he said, "you guys are out of business!" and moved on.
the isis killers manifesto reads like a shortened albeit more violent version of the popular al jazeera show h
The ISIS killer’s "manifesto reads like a shortened, albeit more violent, version of the popular al-Jazeera show ‘Head to Head’ by British Muslim Mehdi Hassan, who argued that foreign policy had already effectively destroyed Middle Eastern society" (don’t be an imbecile, Mehdi)
Al Jazeera English
we are here living a genocide literally lina al shami an activist in east aleppo speaks to al jazeera
"We are here living a genocide, literally."

- Lina al-Shami, an activist in east Aleppo, speaks to Al Jazeera
Glenn Greenwald
kudos to for having the courage to publish the lobby the 4 part al jazeera undercover investigation about isra
Kudos to for having the courage to publish "The Lobby," the 4-part Al Jazeera undercover investigation about Israeli influence campaigns inside the US that Al Jazeera, under immense pressure, decided to censor. Many outlets wouldn't pubilsh this
Subramanian Swamy
a high level govt committee decided al jazeera for recklessness amp ndtv for huge tax evasion and fraud be clo
A high level Govt committee decided Al Jazeera for recklessness & NDTV for huge tax evasion and fraud be closed. Who stopped that happening?
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