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History In Pictures
jayne mansfield 1960
US Embassy Ghana
our consular section chief jayne howell with and after a special visa information session we organized for gha
Our Consular Section Chief Jayne Howell with @stonebwoyb and @samini_dagaati after a special Visa Information session we organized for Ghanaian musicians. #USinGhana
Lateysha Grace ?????
get jayne an oscar please bbuk
Get Jayne an Oscar please !! #bbuk
Australian Open
president of tennisaustralia jayne hrdlicka awards rogerfederer a special rf20 trophy ausopen
President of @TennisAustralia Jayne Hrdlicka awards @rogerfederer a special #RF20 trophy!

K Schwarzenegger
had the best reading with the sweetest jayne wallace psychicsisters
Had the best reading with the sweetest Jayne Wallace 💫🙏💗 @psychicsisters
triplets congrats to alex pietrangelo and his wife jayne
Triplets! Congrats to Alex Pietrangelo and his wife Jayne.
happy birthday to ice skating legend jayne torvill relive her famous performance with christopher dean
Happy birthday to ice skating legend Jayne Torvill! Relive her famous performance with Christopher Dean.
Marc Jacobs
erika jayne wearing runway spring 2019 marc jacobs to marcandcharswedding mjss19
Erika Jayne wearing RUNWAY SPRING 2019 MARC JACOBS to #MarcandCharsWedding 💙💚💙 #MJSS19
Nathan Fillion
lwehrmeister1 very sweet of nathanfillion to send firefly cupcakes i dropped jayne
“@lwehrmeister1: Very sweet of @NathanFillion to send Firefly cupcakes! ”

I dropped Jayne.
hey jayne from maine here we all rallied behind you to save and did you evah we need you now the entire countr
Hey , Jayne from Maine here. We all rallied behind you to save and did you ev#HealthCareah. We need you now. The entire country needs you now. This is like going #TaxScamBillinto the woods w/o blazin' orange during moose season. Dangerous. , bub. #VoteNO
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