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Jon Machota
jason garrett talking about his mom today called her the master of making their family function said she d hav
Jason Garrett talking about his mom today, called her the master of making their family function. Said she'd have school lunches lined up every morning. "There were 8 bags with our names Jim, Jane, Jennifer, Janine, Jill, John, Jason, Judd. We'd grab them, get on the bus and go."
Morning Joe
updated weds guest list susan del percio rick tyler eugene robinson garrett haake ayman mohyeldin kristen solt
Morning Joe
updated tues guest list mike barnicle elise jordan eugene robinson jake sherman jim vandehei julia ainsley rob
3AW Melbourne
breaking jane garrett has just resigned from cabinet springst
BREAKING | Jane Garrett has just resigned from cabinet. #springst
Herald Sun
latest jane garrett resigns as cfa board faces sack by andrews government springst
LATEST: Jane Garrett resigns as #CFA board faces sack by Andrews government #springst
Bill Shorten
winning votes with the wonderful jane garrett in brunswick today well done all victorianlabor candidates vicvo
Winning votes with the wonderful Jane Garrett in Brunswick today. Well done all @VictorianLabor candidates! #vicvotes
Tom Minear
exclusive victorian union bosses have lashed out at the united firefighters union saying the bullying and hara
Exclusive: Victorian union bosses have lashed out at the United Firefighters Union, saying the bullying and harassment of Labor MP Jane Garrett must end. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ #springst
Richard Willingham
jane garretts tilt for the upper house looks cooked left endorses ingrid stitt springst
Jane Garrett’s tilt for the upper house looks cooked. Left endorses Ingrid Stitt. #springst
Farrah Tomazin
guy now asking andrews why he didn t call out marshall over reports he allegedly threatened jane garrett sprin
Guy now asking Andrews why he didn't call out Marshall over reports he allegedly threatened Jane Garrett #springst
Michael Pascoe
amazing to see vic gaming minister jane garrett defending woolies pokies promotion scheme ah the power of the
Amazing to see Vic Gaming Minister Jane Garrett defending Woolies' pokies promotion scheme. Ah, the power of the pubs'n'clubs. @abc730
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