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@Xbox 1 month
its your last chance autobots rt and tag for your chance to win this custom xbox one x and bring the adventure
It’s your last chance, Autobots. RT and tag #BumblebeeSweepstakes for your chance to win this custom Xbox One X. And bring the adventure home today on Microsoft Movies & TV.

NoPurchNec. Ends April 2. Rules:
Kamala Harris
the federal minimum wage april 1 1990 380 april 1 1991 425 october 1 1996 475 september 1 1997 515 july 24 200
The federal minimum wage→
April 1, 1990: $3.80
April 1, 1991: $4.25
October 1, 1996: $4.75
September 1, 1997: $5.15
July 24, 2007: $5.85
July 24, 2008: $6.55
July 24, 2009: $7.25

It’s now 2018. Time to raise the wage.
Jeffree Star
since its april fools today i wont be talking about anything serious but tomorrow i need to share some really
Since it’s April Fools today, I won’t be talking about anything serious but tomorrow I need to share some really fucked up news with you all. 😌 (It’s not about family thank God) Sorry for being so quiet lately.. But something insane + violating has happened to my brand recently.
@rihanna 1 year
my sis duckiethot showing em how its done we drop the bodylava and fairybomb on april 6 fentybeauty
My sis @duckie_thot showing ‘em how it’s done!!! we drop the #bodylava and #fairybomb on April 6 🙌🏿 💥 @fentybeauty
Michael Moore
no better way to celebrate easter than to watch trump on his way into church announce no more deals for those
No better way to celebrate Easter than to watch Trump, on his way into church, announce no more “deals” for those Dreamer kids, and then watch footage of Israeli soldiers shooting 773 Palestinian protesters, killing 17 of them. Or maybe it’s just April Fools Day.
okay its all starting to add up now but how will we ever make it to april 11th cmon we need the next webtoon a
Okay, #ARMY... it’s all starting to add up now. 🤯 But how will we ever make it to April 11th?! C’mon we need the next webtoon, ASAP! 💞
Robert Peston
loses her withdrawal agreement by 286 to 344 now backbench mps have to take control of brexit or its no deal
. loses her Withdrawal Agreement by 286 to 344. Now backbench MPs have to take control of Brexit or it’s no-deal Brexit on 12 April, just two weeks from now.
@rihanna 1 year
ladiesssi cant believe its only 3 days away fairybomb and bodylava fentybeauty april 6th
Ladiesss......I can’t believe it’s only 3 days away #fairybomb and #bodylava... @fentybeauty April 6th
Khary Penebaker
on this day 24 years ago april 5th 1994 shot and killed himself he was only 27 years old the same age my mom w
On this day 24 years ago, April 5th, 1994, #KurtCobain shot and killed himself. He was only 27 years old; the same age my mom was when she did the same thing.

It’s ok not to be ok.
But your life is worth fighting for. If you’re in crisis, please call
1-800-273-TALK (8255).
its official god of war is coming to ps4 on april 20 watch the new trailer
It’s official: God of War is coming to PS4 on April 20. Watch the new trailer:
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