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tucker carlson referred to iraqis as semiliterate primitive monkeys said he d vote for a bigot for president a
Tucker Carlson referred to Iraqis as ‘semiliterate primitive monkeys,’ said he'd vote for a 'bigot' for president, and asked that the U.S. only take immigrants who are ‘hot’ or ‘really smart’ in recently uncovered radio show appearances
Mehdi Hasan
i asked blackwater founder erik prince about calling iraqis barbarians and about the murder amp manslaughter t
I asked Blackwater founder Erik Prince about calling Iraqis "barbarians" and about the murder & manslaughter that happened on his watch in Iraq.

You should really listen to his replies. (Watch the whole with him this Friday on )
Adam Servianski
if you think anyone defending calling iraqis monkeys actually cares about anti semitism i don t know what to t
if you think anyone defending calling Iraqis "monkeys" actually cares about anti-semitism, i don't know what to tell you
Jim Sciutto
don t miss this line from trump s cia speech iraqis certainly won t we should have kept the oil maybe well hav
Don't miss this line from Trump's CIA speech. Iraqis certainly won't: “We should have kept the oil. Maybe we’ll have another chance.”
Matt Stoller
joe biden faces another allegation this one by 500000 iraqis who allege his war vote helped kill them
Joe Biden faces another allegation, this one by 500,000 Iraqis who allege his war vote helped kill them.
Mehdi Hasan
condolences to the family of john mccain condolences also to the families of thousands of american soldiers an
Condolences to the family of John McCain.

Condolences also to the families of thousands of American soldiers, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians & others who might be alive today were it not for the votes, & actions, of John McCain.
The Independent
10 years ago today an iraqi journalist threw his shoes at george w bush shouting this is a gift from the iraqi
10 years ago today, an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at George W. Bush shouting: “This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog!”
CNN Breaking News
2 iraqis who had visas to enter us sue trump and us govt after arriving in ny and being detained due to travel
2 Iraqis who had visas to enter US sue Trump and US govt. after arriving in NY and being detained due to travel ban
Jeff Elder
one of the iraqis detained at kennedy airport worked on behalf of us govt in iraq for 10 years his lawyer said
One of the Iraqis detained at Kennedy Airport worked on behalf of U.S. govt in Iraq for 10 years, his lawyer said.
@ajplus 3 months
the iraq war began 16 years ago today since then the war and related violence has killed 205000 civilians says
The Iraq War began 16 years ago today. Since then, the war and related violence has:

- Killed 205,000+ civilians, says
- Killed 4,400+ U.S. military
- Displaced millions of people

Today, 2 million Iraqis, including 900,000 children, are internally displaced.
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