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Mama Twist
whereas i look like a bad george michael in the 80s impressionist
Whereas I look like a bad “George Michael in the 80’s “ impressionist 😳😂😂😂👨🏻
happy birthday robinwilliams impressionist costajames honors comic s memory watch now
Happy Birthday #RobinWilliams! Impressionist @CostaJames Honors Comic's Memory (WATCH NOW)
@espn 3 years
rapper opera singer impressionist and professional kicker meet justin tucker baltimore s renaissance man
Rapper, opera singer, impressionist and professional kicker.

Meet Justin Tucker, Baltimore's Renaissance man:
The Met
twirling the night away with on there are three versions of this scene the largest at appeared in the first im
⁣Twirling the night away with #Degas on #InternationalDanceDay. 💃 There are three versions of this scene. The largest, at , appeared in the first Impressionist exhibit in 1874. The other two are here at .

2: #TheMet
US Dept of Interior
these wildflowers cumberlandislnp look like an impressionist masterpiece pic by tone watson georgia
These wildflowers @CumberlandIslNP look like an impressionist masterpiece. Pic by Tone Watson #Georgia
British Museum
pierre auguste renoir was born in 1841 one of the leading painters of the impressionist movement the artist wa
Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born #onthisday in 1841. One of the leading painters of the Impressionist movement, the artist was known for his feathery style and scenes of everyday life
Museum of Modern Art
in his enveloping large scale canvases claude monetthe impressionist master born in 1840sought to create the r
In his enveloping, large-scale canvases Claude Monet—the Impressionist master born #otd in 1840—sought to create “the refuge of a peaceful meditation in the center of a flowering aquarium.” Visit “Water Lilies” (1914-26) in our fifth floor #MoMACollection galleries.
The New York Times
a little over 8 years ago a painting by the impressionist edgar degas was stolen in marseille it was found las
A little over 8 years ago, a painting by the Impressionist Edgar Degas was stolen in Marseille. It was found last week on a bus near Paris.
National Gallery
vincent van gogh died in 1890 van gogh is one of the most popular of the post impressionist painters although
Vincent van Gogh died #OnThisDay in 1890. Van Gogh is one of the most popular of the Post-Impressionist painters, although he was not widely appreciated during his lifetime. His dying, yet beautifully painted 'Sunflowers' can be seen in Room 43:
David Walliams
the bgtwildcard is impressionist jonclegg
The #BGTwildcard is impressionist @jon_clegg
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