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Piers Morgan
i m backing justinbieber in paparazzi gate that photographer was a revoltingly rude ignorant foul mouthed hool
I'm backing @justinbieber in paparazzi-gate. That photographer was a revoltingly rude, ignorant, foul-mouthed hooligan.
AFP news agency
the english are girls russian hooligan tells afp s malpasanna euro2016
"The English are girls", Russian hooligan tells AFP's @malpasanna #Euro2016
Young Money
flashy wit a boujee bitch travie thats my hooligan its lit take the t off of tunechi and look at it as the cru
Flashy wit a boujee bitch. Travie that’s my hooligan. (Its lit!)

Take the T off of Tunechi and look at it as the crucifix...bitch.

#CV. Best Rapper. Alive. 🐐
BBC News (World)
is russia exporting a new breed of football hooligan euro2016
Is Russia exporting a new breed of football hooligan? #Euro2016
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