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Donald Trump Jr.
al jazeera is now openly publishing holocaust denial videos on their facebook page will take action amp ban th
Al-Jazeera is now openly publishing Holocaust Denial videos on their facebook page.

Will @facebook take action & ban them for this like they've done to conservatives for far less?

Will frequent @CNN guest @mehdirhasan resign from @AlJazeera in protest of this grotesque video?
wikileaks emails reveal hillary clinton engaging in holocaust denial armeniangenocide
WikiLeaks Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton Engaging In Holocaust Denial #ArmenianGenocide
Benjamin Netanyahu
iran hosts holocaust denial cartoon contest while preparing another holocaust shameful don t stay quiet about
Iran hosts Holocaust-denial cartoon contest while preparing another Holocaust. Shameful. Don't stay quiet about it.
Mehdi Hasan
for the record al jazeera deleted amp disowned the video called it offensive amp are disciplining the 2 journa
For the record, Al Jazeera deleted & disowned the video, called it offensive, & are disciplining the 2 journalists behind it.

I have a long history of condemning antisemitism & Holocaust denial.

Has your dad ever disowned anything antisemitic or Islamophobic that he’s said?
James O'Brien
the party of holocaust denial amp brexit betrayal ed miliband feels like eight lifetimes ago
The party of Holocaust denial & Brexit betrayal. Ed Miliband feels like eight lifetimes ago.
James O'Brien
i said this to the new statesman on 3 2 2017 i worry that the next thing were going to look at through the len
I said this to the New Statesman on 3/2/2017: "I worry that the next thing we’re going to look at through the lens of false equivalence might be Holocaust denial. If that moves front and centre, then I think we’re all fucked."
Rarely has been right felt so wrong.
haaretz s chemishalev gets very personal about white house holocaust denial and netanyahu s deafening silence
Haaretz's @ChemiShalev gets very personal about White House Holocaust denial, and Netanyahu's deafening silence
Pamela Geller
uk muslim university lecturer accused of antisemitism and holocaust denial is sacked pig flying moment if ever
UK: Muslim University lecturer accused of antisemitism and Holocaust denial is sacked: Pig-flying moment. If every university purged its ranks of antisemites, would there be anyone left to teach?
NBC News
youtube says it will begin banning videos promoting nazi ideology as well as denial of well documented violent
YouTube says it will begin banning videos promoting Nazi ideology, as well as denial of “well-documented violent events” such as the Holocaust or the Sandy Hook massacre.
David Baddiel
i don t give a fuck about fucking israel i give a fuck about holocaust denial
I don't give a fuck about fucking Israel. I give a fuck about Holocaust denial.
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