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@IGN 12 hours
here s your first look at hasbro s recreation of the iconic x men 1 cover using marvel legends action figures
Here's your first look at Hasbro's recreation of the iconic X-Men #1 cover using Marvel Legends action figures.
@IGN 1 day
exclusive hasbro announced the most massive transformers figure of all time the transformers war for cybertron
Exclusive: Hasbro announced the most massive Transformers figure of all time, the Transformers: War for Cybertron Unicron.
@IGN 4 days
a new power rangers movie is in the works but it seems hasbro is rebooting the franchise with a new cast
A new Power Rangers movie is in the works, but it seems Hasbro is rebooting the franchise with a new cast.
@IGN 8 months
hasbro and epic games have announced the nerf fortnite ar l blaster
Hasbro and Epic Games have announced the Nerf Fortnite AR-L Blaster:

Marvel Entertainment
more than a movie these are marvel legends see more marvel studios 10th anniversary poster recreations on hasb
More than a movie. These are #Hasbro Marvel Legends. See more Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary poster recreations on Hasbro Pulse:
Nina Dobrev
the canyon was our playground gypsy5onaride hasbro nerfnation grandcanyon
The Canyon was our playground .... #Gypsy5OnARide @hasbro @NerfNation #GrandCanyon
Star Wars
this week on the wraps principal photography and we sit down with the voice of anakin skywalker to talk and pl
This week on The #StarWarsShow: #TheMandalorian wraps principal photography and we sit down with the voice of Anakin Skywalker, , to talk and ! Plus#TheCloneWars, mor#StarWarsBattlefrontIIe announceme#StarWarsCelebrationnts and a look at Hasbro's Jabba Sail Barge.
this is how hasbro makes its action figures look so realistic
This is how @Hasbro makes its action figures look so realistic!
Star Wars
emperor palpatine returns to the black series and star wars exclusives revealed in the hasbro panel at
Emperor Palpatine returns to the Black Series, and Star Wars: #GalaxysEdge exclusives revealed in the Hasbro panel at #StarWarsCelebration:
Hollywood Reporter
comic con first look s grandmaster the collector get san diego exclusive treatment from hasbro
Comic-Con first-look: #Marvel's Grandmaster, The Collector get San Diego exclusive treatment from Hasbro
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