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@ANI 1 year
haryana huge cache of arms recovered by police from derasachasauda hq in sirsa
Haryana: Huge cache of arms recovered by Police from #DeraSachaSauda HQ in Sirsa.
@ANI 1 month
delhi police crime branch arrested gangster vijay farmana who is wanted in more than ten murder cases a reward
Delhi Police Crime Branch arrested gangster Vijay Farmana who is wanted in more than ten murder cases. A reward of Rs 50,000 was declared by both Delhi Police and Haryana Police. Arms and ammunition also recovered from his possession.
All India Radio News
haryana police chief bs sandhu says 550 people have been rounded up and some arms amp ammunition recovered aft
Haryana police chief BS Sandhu says 550 people have been rounded up and some arms & ammunition recovered after the violence in Panchkula.
Financial Express
haryana police targets bootleggers arms smugglers to launch 15 day crackdown from may 1
#Haryana Police targets bootleggers, arms smugglers, to launch 15-day crackdown from May 1
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